2018 NCTE Annual Convention

Houston, TX
November 15-18, 2018

This fall, we’ll come together in Houston to celebrate students’ voices and the impact they make in the world.

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Local Engagement Committee

Local Engagement Committee

NCTE has committed time and resources to promote equitable, just, responsive teaching and learning conditions and practices in Houston and the broader Texas community. The committee has organized events to engage members of NCTE both within the Convention Center and in local venues.

You are invited to the sessions below to participate in important conversations.



Friday, 3:30-4:45 p.m., Room 351 E

Listen to talks by writer, activist, and professor Tony Diaz, director of intercultural initiatives at Lone Star College in Houston, and Teta V. Banks, national chair of the United Nations Association of the USA and a faculty member of Prairie View A & M University of the Texas A & M University system. Discussion will follow.


Tony Diaz will provide an overview of protests and legal actions against a proposed “baby jail” in Houston and the impact of anti-immigrant sentiments on K–12, community college, and university students. This will include discussion of topics including SB4 and DACA to family separation.

Dr. Teta Banks will talk about the following: As American educators, in times past, in many instances, we regarded our vantage point as objective and historical, thought of ourselves as analyzers, purveyors of historical movement, and interpreters of human actions. However, this new day has presented a new paradigm in which we find ourselves in the midst of the politics, tragedies, and historical events, now sometimes donning the roles of comforters, counselors, advocates, and even victims. The current world refugee crisis is the worst since World War II, affecting 68 million people, half of whom are children. These children’s lives have been disrupted physically and psychologically. From the borders of US states to Mexico to the Sudan to Italy to Lebanon, children have been swept up in the flood of refugees. On their sojourn and wherever they may finally reside for a moment, the effects of their tragedies impact every aspect of their lives and are emboldened in their psyches as they enter our school doorways. Our charge is to educate them beyond their pain, limitations of language, and hesitations of trust and help rebuild hope. World politics are now an ever-present entity in our classrooms. How we address them, how we prepare ourselves, how we implement student-centered strategies—this is the agenda of a new educational dialogue.

Learn more about the speakers here.



Sunday, 9-10:15 a.m., Room 351 E

Alongside NCTE’s #BuildYourStack initiative, the LEC is leading an effort to help Houston area teachers rebuild classroom libraries lost to Hurricane Harvey. Please plan to bring new children’s and young adult books with you to the Convention to donate to this effort, or visit our Bookseller, Blue Willow Books, in the Exhibit Hall to purchase books to donate. Help us (Re)Build the Stacks for teachers and students in Houston.

Local Engagement Committee Co-Chairs


Santa Fe, New Mexico
Incoming NCTE Vice President
NCTE Executive Committee


Austin, Texas
Secondary Section Rep-at-Large
NCTE Executive Committee


Rutgers University Graduate School of Education
New Brunswick, NJ

Local Engagement Committee Members

Rebecca Babcock, Odessa, Texas

Damían Baca, Tucson, Arizona

Teta Banks, Prairie View, Texas

Mollie Blackburn, Columbus, Ohio

José Luis Cano, Brownsville, Texas

Monica DeLeon, Houston, Texas

Lawanda Eckert, Houston, Texas

Bob Fecho, New York, New York

Jesse Gainer, San Marcos, Texas

Laura Gonzales, El Paso, Texas

Chares H. Gonzalez, Huntsville, Alabama

Mara Lee Grayson, Dominguez Hills, CA

Gabrielle Groce, Houston, Texas

Beth Hammett, Texas City, Texas

Tracy Hinds, St. Louis, Missouri

Kionna LeMalle, Klein ISD/Teaching and Learning Center

Rhonda Lemieux, Fort Worth, Texas

Alexis McGee, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Richard Meyer, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Kristie Musgrove, Houston, Texas

Terri Pantuso, College Station, Texas

Amy Sharp, Austin, Texas

Maggie Shelledy, Brownsville, Texas

James T. Sheridan, Houston, Texas

Velma Valadez, St. Louis, Missouri

Tara Wilson, Odessa, Texas

Eve Zehavi, Houston, Texas