2018 NCTE Annual Convention

Houston, TX
November 15-18, 2018

This fall, we’ll come together in Houston to celebrate students’ voices and the impact they make in the world.

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Middle Experience


The Middle Experience

There is so much happening in the Middle Level at NCTE. From Section-specific events to a thoughtfully chosen program, you’ll notice an energized focus on crafting sessions that speak to the complexities of teaching students in the middle grades and bringing leading authors and educators to the podium. Discover new ideas, new tools, and new friends!



Over the course of the Convention there are more than 500 sessions designated at the middle level, but you’ll find plenty of interest at other levels as well. Topics include

  • Story Architects: Using Design Thinking to Inspire Creative Writing and Build Empathy
  • Troubling the Mainstream: Diversifying Gender and Sexuality Representation in Middle Grade Fiction
  • Practical Tips for Using Digital Portfolios with Students
  • Raising Student Voice through Poetry: Hip-Hop, Spoken Word, and Global Change



If you are a fan of young adult literature, you will find yourself rubbing shoulders with all the hottest authors from your bookshelves. But you’ll also meet the experts who have been at the forefront of shaping literacy instruction for the middle grades. Here is just a sample of the authors and educators on the schedule: Jennifer Holm, Penny Kittle, Kate Messner, Donalyn Miller, Naomi Shihab Nye, and Linda Sue Park.




Kick off your convention experience with this gathering of middle level attendees. There will be food, friends, and the chance to meet Section leaders, as well as a keynote from award-winning author Duncan Tonatiuh.



A. S. King will keynote this popular breakfast event. If you’re looking for even deeper immersion in YA lit, you might enjoy the ALAN Workshop, November 19–20.



#WhyMiddleMatters is an overarching title for a few incredible learning experiences. This year the roundtable “Pursuing Justice and Equity Together” will bring educators together to talk, reflect, and create action. The “Middle Level Mosaic” is a session that features resources, conversations, and strategies around a mosaic of literature discussed by some of your favorite authors.



“The Convention is designed to create an ambience of membership. We seek to include all middle level teachers in a professional community where voices can be heard and where issues can be contemplated and resolved. Middle level teachers will leave with a sense of belonging and hope which inspires them to make a difference in their classrooms when they return home.”

— Frances Lin, incoming Middle Level Steering Committee Chair