2019 NCTE Annual Convention

Baltimore, MD
November 21-24, 2019

This fall, when we come together in Baltimore, let’s inquire together. Let’s dare to wonder, to be bold and creative in our curiosity. Let’s reawaken our own spirit of inquiry as teachers, leaders, writers, readers, and thinkers.



The Middle Experience

There is so much happening in the Middle Level at NCTE. From Section-specific events to a thoughtfully chosen program, you’ll notice an energized focus on crafting sessions that speak to the complexities of teaching students in the middle grades and bringing leading authors and educators to the podium. Discover new ideas, new tools, and new friends!



Over the course of the Convention there are more than 450 sessions designated at the middle level, but you’ll find plenty of interest at other levels as well. Topics include:

  • A Reading Journey: Using Middle Grade Novels to Lead Students to Inquiry, Exploration, and Research
  • Look, Write, See: Using Art to Develop Both Writing Skills and Art Appreciation
  • Teaching the Immigrant Experience through Literature and Poetry






Kick off your convention experience with this gathering of middle level attendees. There will be food, friends, the chance to meet Section leaders, and a talk by author and educator Torrey Maldonado.



YA author Meg Medina is the keynote for this much-loved breakfast event. If you’re looking for even deeper immersion in YA lit, you might enjoy the ALAN Workshop, November 25–26.


#WHYMIDDLEMATTERS is an overarching title for a few incredible learning experiences. This year the roundtable “Inquiry as Journeys of Educators; From Newbie to Veteran” will bring educators together to talk, reflect, and learn. The “Middle Level Mosaic” is another roundtable session that will put authors, teachers, and teacher educators in conversation on diverse texts and the ways these are used with middle grade students.



The Convention is designed to create an ambience of membership. We seek to include all middle level teachers in a professional community where voices can be heard and where issues can be contemplated and resolved. Middle level teachers will leave with a sense of belonging and hope which inspires them to make a difference in their classrooms when they return home.”

Frances Lin, Middle Level Section Chair


“Why do I attend the Convention and what do I enjoy most about it? I’ll be honest: it’s the family. I have an English language arts family nationally and internationally that I would not give up for anything. There’s something about the relationship building and the camaraderie that happens after you continuously attend, go to an event, share space, have conversations. In addition to that, I get a chance to make new friends every year. So your family is always extending and growing. And I appreciate that about NCTE. It’s big, but it’s also not big. It’s large in number, but you also have an opportunity to find your place in the family.”

Tonya Perry, NCTE Member


“The most valuable part about attending the Convention for me is the professional development and the sessions. And recently featured speakers have been unbelievable. I get inspired by the speakers and by the concurrent sessions that I attend.”

Alfredo Celedón Luján, NCTE Vice President


“What’s most important about attending is the comradery with other teachers. To see what’s going on in other classrooms. To see the different kinds of changes that are going on in education. To see how I can better provide for my students. To see the kinds of resources that I can obtain from other teachers, and especially from NCTE. There are so many resources, so many publications, so many things that all teachers can benefit from.”

Aurelia Dávila de Silva, Middle Level Representative-at-Large