2020 NCTE Virtual Annual Convention

November 2020

This fall, when we come together online, let’s read, write, speak, listen, and view with curiosity.  Together, we will be a confluencia of our songs.

Read our most recent update on transitioning to a virtual environment.

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Convention Attendee & Presenter FAQ

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Colorado Convention Center is being used as a hospital through December 31, 2020, and NCTE will not be able to hold its in-person Annual Convention in November. Read more.

If you have any question regarding the 2020 NCTE Annual Convention that we don’t answer in this FAQ, please contact annual2020@ncte.org.


Q: Why is the NCTE Annual Convention moving from an in-person event in Denver to a virtual event?

A: Governor Jared Polis has signed an order directing the Colorado Convention Center to remain a hospital facility through the remainder of the calendar year. The venue for the NCTE Annual Convention is no longer available for our use.


Q: What will the virtual event look like?

A: NCTE staff is working with the program chair and other volunteers to develop a virtual experience including as many of the sessions and presenters from the original 2020 Annual Convention as possible. NCTE members have enjoyed many virtual gatherings this spring. We are working to include the successful strategies from these events in the upcoming Annual Convention. Staff have been researching platforms and approaches for some time while also continuing the necessary planning for the in-person event. Now that we know with certainty that the Convention will be held exclusively online, our efforts will become entirely focused in that direction.


Q: I already registered for the 2020 NCTE Annual Convention. Will I get a refund?

A: We appreciate your patience while we work out the details of our exciting new virtual offering. If you would prefer to have your existing registration cancelled we will do so less the $25 cancellation processing fee (see http://convention.ncte.org/2020-convention/registration/). If you prefer to decide once we have presented the details of our virtual event, we will hold your registration fees and apply them to the new event should you choose to participate.


Q: How do I cancel my hotel reservation?

A: Hotel reservations made through NCTE’s booking service and hotel block will be cancelled for you. Look for a cancellation email within two weeks. If you do not receive a cancellation notice, please contact the hotel directly or contact the housing bureau (877-205-2871; 7:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m. CT, Monday–Friday) for assistance. Hotel reservations made outside of the NCTE booking service are outside of NCTE’s control. Therefore, any reservations made independently are the individual’s responsibility and will need to be cancelled on their own.


Q: How do I get a refund on my travel reservation?

A: Please check with your airline carrier to learn about its refund policies.


Q: Can I receive continuing education credits for the virtual 2020 NCTE Annual Convention?

A: Yes, http://convention.ncte.org/2020-convention/whyattend/ will be updated with the new information.


Q: I was chosen to present at the 2020 NCTE Annual Convention. Will I be part of the virtual NCTE Annual Convention?

A: Continuing with the vibrant virtual professional learning and sharing opportunities we have introduced during the past few months, we are planning an engaging virtual experience for Convention attendees. We will build upon the dynamic professional learning opportunities that NCTE has pioneered since March. We intend to include as many presenters in the new Convention format as is practical. Right now, we need time to thoroughly design a rewarding experience. Thankfully, we had been preparing for this possibility and are not starting from zero. As soon as we have more information, we will be in touch with you first, as a vested participant at NCTE 2020. Until then, we thank you for your patience as we continue to work very hard under extraordinary circumstances. (You were accepted to the original 2020 NCTE Annual Convention program so we encourage you to list this on your curriculum vitae.) Session details and registration information will be available no later than July 31.


Q: Will there be an Exhibit Hall?

A: Yes. NCTE is planning a virtual exhibit hall with opportunities for exhibitors and attendees to interact, and ways to encourage attendees to spend time with exhibitors.


Q: When and where is the 2021 NCTE Annual Convention?

A: The 2021 NCTE Annual Convention will take place November 18–21, 2021, in Louisville, Kentucky. The proposal system will be live in November or December 2020; proposals will be due in mid-January. We will share information in the NCTE member newsletter, INBOX.