2020 NCTE Virtual Annual Convention

November 19-22, 2020

This fall, when we come together online, let’s read, write, speak, listen, and view with curiosity. Together, we will be a confluencia of our songs.

See our program listings of live, scheduled, and on-demand sessions, as well as a list of exhibitors taking part in the virtual convention.

Registration Is Now Closed

5 Reasons You Should Join Us!

With nearly 400 sessions to choose from, including 76 live sessions, you can fit a year’s worth of professional learning experiences into just 4 days this November!


1. Customize Your Professional Development

A full, customized program waits for you, whether your interests are in reading, composition, or language, or you’re looking to meet early or advanced career needs. Featured keynote speakers and all-attendee events take place at convenient times that won’t conflict with the other live sessions (or your work schedule), plus you’ll have access to hundreds of scheduled and on-demand sessions to help fill in the gaps during and after the event. Attendees will have access to sessions for a full 60 days following the Convention!


2. Build Your Personal Learning Network

You’ll discover the latest research and classroom strategies and learn right along with other passionate teachers and colleagues. Attendees have opportunities to collaborate and share ideas and resources with professionals from all over the world and join conversations that address important topics and issues in education. The 2020 NCTE Virtual Convention presents a unique opportunity to grow your professional learning network!


3. Meet Your Literary Heroes

Attending #NCTE20 provides an opportunity to hear directly from both established and new authors, and a chance to get to know them firsthand. Some of our most beloved authors say they found their audience through meeting teachers at our Convention, and countless lifelong readers have been born from the singular gift of being able to interact with their favorite authors.


4. Draw from and Support Your Colleagues

Attendees often say what a personally rejuvenating experience the NCTE Annual Convention can be, and many participants find creative ways to share key learnings with their colleagues. At #NCTE20, you can draw strength and inspiration from your colleagues as well as share support and solidarity. And after the event, you can share your learning with colleagues in as many ways as you can think of!  Doing so is often an excellent way to build your case to attend. Four days of intense learning at #NCTE20 can have an exponential impact when you approach the experience with your school in mind.


5. Get Credit for Your Learning 

Check with your school or district to see if participation in the Annual Convention will count toward your recertification. We are happy to send you a certificate of participation. Additionally, though a partnership with the University of San Diego, attendees at the Annual Convention can earn graduate credit.

Visit http://convention.ncte.org/2020-convention/whyattend/ for a toolkit to help you make the case to attend!