2021 NCTE Annual Convention

November 18-21

We are pleased to share that we are in the latter stages of building our first-ever hybrid Convention. At this time, we are working toward sending proposal acceptance and nonacceptance notifications by the end of July, when we will also open Convention registration (online and in person) and provide hotel information.

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Q: What are combined sessions or combined panels?

A: Combined sessions and combined panels are made up of individual proposals combined by the NCTE Convention Planning Committee to make full sessions or roundtables. Committee members may also assign individual proposals to poster sessions.


Q: I’m an author. How does the proposal process work for me?

A: The proposal process for authors is the same as it is for other attendees! Simply submit your proposal using the online system. Be sure to add all authors as presenters (listing them in the description or annotation does not add them to the presenter list for the session).


Q: What’s the difference between a session review type and audience level? Where would these differ?

A: A proposal can have one reviewer level and multiple audience levels. The reviewer level is the level the session should be reviewed by. The audience level is what levels the session will appeal to; for example, a middle level session may also be of interest to elementary and secondary levels.


Q: If I submit my proposal today, can I still make edits?

A: Yes! Even if you submit your proposal in advance, you can still make edits up through the deadline, January 19. To edit, find the email that was sent to you when you submitted your proposal and use the unique link provided to access your presenter zone, find the proposal you want to update, and make your changes.


Q: Can I submit a proposal with students?

A: Middle school and high school students are welcome to present at the Annual Convention. Please include as much information as possible about the students presenting during initial proposal submission.


Q: Do I need to add everyone who will be on my panel to my proposal?

A: Yes, please add everyone that you know will be participating in your proposal. Please note that each presenter must have a unique email address (multiple presenters cannot use the same email address).

Note: When searching for a presenter to add, be sure to put just a first name OR last name and leave the “Affiliation” field blank.


Q: What is the review process for a proposal?

A: Each proposal receives three reviews from a team of volunteer reviewers, then a final review by another team of convention planners working with the program chair.


Q: Who reviews submitted proposals?

A: Reviewers are Section Steering Committee members, special interest group members, and other leaders and members of the Council.


Q: Are the proposals blind reviewed?

A: Research Strand proposals and college level proposals are blind reviewed.


Q: How are proposals selected for acceptance?

A: Proposals are first reviewed by Section Steering Committee members, special interest group members, and other leaders of the Council. Each proposal is scored by three different reviewers. Next, teams of NCTE officers review the scored proposals and select sessions to build the convention program. The number of proposals selected is limited by the number of rooms available in the convention center.


Q: Will including language from the CFP somewhere in my title or the content of my proposal increase the chances it will be accepted?  

A: While people often find clever ways to weave the conference theme throughout their proposals, adherence to the theme does not appear in the judging criteria. In fact, we frequently receive feedback from both reviewers and attendees that the repetition of the theme in presentation titles and descriptions often makes it difficult to know what sessions are actually about.


Q: Do I have to register for the conference if my proposal is accepted?

A: Yes. All presenters are required to register for the Annual Convention.


Q: Can I submit more than one proposal?

A: Yes, you may submit more than one proposal.


Q: When will I find out if my proposal has been accepted?

A: We anticipate notifying proposal submitters of their accept/decline status in late July 2021.


Additional questions? Email NCTEevents@ncte.org.