2020 NCTE Virtual Annual Convention

November 19-22, 2020

This fall, when we come together online, let’s read, write, speak, listen, and view with curiosity. Together, we will be a confluencia of our songs.

See our program listings of live, scheduled, and on-demand sessions, as well as a list of exhibitors taking part in the virtual convention.

Registration Is Now Closed

2020 Virtual Annual Convention Presenter Info


Congratulations on being accepted to the NCTE Annual Convention program! For those speakers who have yet to accept or decline, please email annual2020@ncte.org with your name, session, name, and answer as soon as possible. Presenters who have not accepted or declined may not be listed with the session.

Presenters are required to register for the Convention. Once registered, you will receive regular communications about the event, including details about signing in to the Virtual Convention. As a registrant, you will be able to access sessions for 60 days after the Convention. Presenters who have not registered will not have access to the Convention site to upload materials, take part in their own sessions, or attend other sessions.

For information on scholarships to cover Convention registration costs, please see this website.

All presenters were sent an email on September 18 specifying session type. If you did not receive this message, please email annual2020@ncte.org. NCTE has three types of presentations for the 2020 Annual Convention. Times listed for Live and Scheduled Sessions are in Eastern Time.

  • LIVE: Live sessions are presented in real-time, at their scheduled time. These sessions will be available ~48 hours after their scheduled time for attendees to watch for 60 days post-Convention.
  • SCHEDULED (PRE-RECORDED) W/ LIVE Q&A: These sessions are recorded in advance, but are on the agenda at a specific time and shown during this time. During the session’s scheduled time, attendees will join to watch the recording and submit questions for a live Q&A. Sessions will be available to attendees for 60 days post-Convention..
  • ON-DEMAND: On-demand sessions are recorded in advance and are available to attendees from the start of the Annual Convention until 60 days post-Convention. NEW! See the On-Demand section below for details on uploading your materials.

Presentation Information & Recommendations Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

See also these NCTE Convention Policies



As a presenter, you are required to sign the NCTE Speaker Agreement prior to presenting a live session, recording a scheduled session, or uploading your on-demand presentation content. After registering for the Convention, you will receive an email providing you with your temporary password to access the agreement. Once logged in, you will be prompted to create a new password. After doing so, you will then be able to review and acknowledge the speaker agreement.


Let people know you're presenting!



  • The sessions will be held in the virtual Convention platform and will be presented live.
  • Presenters will be on camera and should plan to be in a quiet space with camera on; attendees will not be on camera but will be able to chat.
  • Each live session will have a host, courtesy of our virtual platform provider, who will:
    • Test speaker audio and video and go over the presentation process.
    • Broadcast the session, control audience microphones, introduce the session (title/speaker[s]), mention any applicable housekeeping notes, assist with monitoring live Q&A, and close the session.
    • If breakout rooms are used, speakers will provide details to the host and the host will control all breakout rooms
  • Breakout rooms are available for live sessions. Attendees can choose breakout rooms or be assigned randomly. If you require breakout rooms for your session, please email annual2020@ncte.org by November 1 with the following info: your name, session title, date and time of session, and number of breakout rooms requested.
  • Key Dates for Live Sessions:
    • ASAP: Block off your calendar for your session.  Block the hour before your session for prep time to log in early and get set up.
    • By November 1: If you need breakout rooms, email annual2020@ncte.org the following information: your name, session title, date and time of session, and number of breakout rooms requested.



  • Sessions will be pre-recorded with the virtual platform provider. Recording Sign-up details are being communicated from our vendor on October19. If you did not receive the email, please contact us at annual2020@ncte.org.
  • Recordings will not be provided to presenters for review prior to the scheduled session.
  • These sessions will be pre-recorded but played during their scheduled time during the Convention.
  • If your session does not already have a chair, you will want to ask someone to volunteer so there is a point person.
  • During Convention, attendees will be able to submit questions throughout the session as well as during the live Q&A.
  • Key Dates for Scheduled Sessions:
    • ASAP: Block off your calendar for your session.  Block the hour before your session for prep time to log in early and get set up.
    • ASAP: Connect with any co-presenters and select a chair.
    • NEW! Read email from Virtual Event Place and schedule time to meet with them to record your session.



  • If you are presenting a poster, or have one presenter for your session, you will be able to upload your poster PDF and/or a recording of you presenting between October 28 and November 15.
  • If you are part of a group, we suggest that you record it together as a group if possible. If you are not able to record it together, that is OK! Each presenter will record their part and upload it between October 28 and November 15.
    • If you choose this approach, please note that the recordings will be all under the session, but documents will be listed separately and in the order they are submitted.
  • Resources and accompanying materials are also able to be uploaded during the window above and will be linked so that attendees can access them.
  • There is no time limit for an on-demand session.
  • There is no limit to the number of files per on-demand session; however, we recommend as few as possible for viewing efficiency for the attendee.
  • While on-demand sessions do not have a chat feature, you may end your presentation with a slide showing your contact information – email, website, phone number – so that  attendees can contact you with comments or questions.
  • Key Dates for On-Demand Sessions:
    • ASAP: Connect with any co-presenters, select a chair, and find time to record your session, if applicable.
    • Between October 28 and November 15: Upload your files (videos should be MP4 format, 350 MB max, additional documents should be PPT and/or PDF; videos can be embedded in a PowerPoint, as well; iMovie and QuickTime files can also be converted to MP4 files).
    • On-Demand files can be of any length and you can upload more than one, if needed, to stay under the 350 MB size per file.
    • NEW! See our Speaker Ready Room Tips
    • NEW! Sign into the convention platform, sign the speaker agreement, and upload your materials.




  • Have hardwired internet.
  • Use a headset for clear audio.
  • Embed video clips into your PowerPoint presentation:

Select a slide, then go to Insert > Video.
Select Video on My PC.
Select the video you want to add from your computer and select Insert.

  • For prerecorded sessions, include proper introductions and closure; thank the audience.
  • Choose a quiet environment.
  • Test lighting and camera positioning prior to presentation.
  • Be mindful of your background.
  • Mute your microphone when not speaking.
  • If your session has a multiple speakers, decide speaker order and practice ahead of time.



  • What happens to presentation content after 60 days?
    Presentations will be archived at NCTE for historical purposes.
  • Can presenters share their own presentation out of Convention?
    Yes, presenters are free to share their presentations outside of the 2020 NCTE Virtual Annual Convention after the Convention has concluded. Please be mindful not to share presentations prior to the Convention as it will devalue the program. We do; however, highly encourage you to promote your presentation on social media.
  • Can presentations be downloaded from the Convention platform?
    No, archived presentation content will not be downloadable.
  • Can students take part in the Convention?
    Yes (see our student consent form).
  • Can I include music in my presentation?
    Music can only be used in presentations if you own the rights, have purchased the rights for this purpose, or if you have permission to do so.
  • Will CART be provided at the Convention?
    Yes, we will be provided closed captioning for all general sessions, keynote sessions, features sessions and all ALAN sessions. Due to service shortages, we are unable to offer closed captioning for all sessions.



Should you have questions, please contact us at annual2020@ncte.org. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @ncte and use the Annual Convention hashtag #NCTE20.

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