Annual Convention: November 17-20, 2022      2022 Dates & Deadlines

NCTE Author Strand

Sakeena Everett, Special Issues, Volume 1: Trauma-Informed Teaching: Cultivating Healing-Centered ELA Classrooms

NCTE Author Strand Session │ Thursday, November 17 │ 11:00 a.m.—12:15 p.m. PT

Room 209-A

The first volume of Special Issues: Trauma Informed Teaching gathers some of the most compelling and practical recent articles across NCTE journals, addressing the importance of trauma-informed teaching and its recent developments in the field. Editor Sakeena Everett curated the collection to show how to help K–College teachers integrate the most up-to-date approaches to trauma-informed teaching into their particular classroom environments. Come learn from her and share your own ideas.

Tom Liam Lynch and William Kist, Special Issues, Volumes 1 and 2: Critical Media Literacy

NCTE Author Strand Session │ Thursday, November 17 │ 1:00 p.m.—2:15 p.m. PT

Room 262-C

Critical media literacy is not a single star burning brightly in the night sky. It is more like a constellation, a collection of stars that tell a story about how educators engage with young people through an array of communicative modes in the spirit of inquiry, society, and action. Join Tom Liam Lynch (editor of Volume 1, consisting of recent NCTE-published scholarship) and William Kist (coeditor with Mary T. Christel of Volume 2, consisting of newly written essays) to explore pedagogical directions of critical media literacy, how to integrate it into reading, writing, and interdisciplinary instruction, and new ways of teaching about and with media.

Sheridan Lynn Steelman, Walking in Shakespeare’s Shoes: Connecting His World and Ours Using Primary Sources

NCTE Author Strand Session │ Friday, November 18 │ 12:30 p.m.—1:45 a.m. PT

Room 258-B

Veteran educator Sheri Steelman uses primary sources and dynamic classroom approaches to show teachers how to help middle and high school students connect with Shakespeare. By exploring how his characters react to their sixteenth-century world the same way that students react to their own twenty-first-century culture, the distance melts and students are better able to understand Shakespeare’s relevance in today’s world.

Ayanna F. Brown, Jordan Bell, BernNadette Best-Green, Annie Daly, Arturo Nevárez, Kia Turner, Special Issues, Volume 2: Racial Literacy: Sociopolitical and Sociocultural Contexts for Youth

NCTE Author Strand Session │ Saturday, November 19 │ 12:30 p.m.—1:45 p.m. PT

Room 256-B

Join volume editor Ayanna F. Brown and volume contributors to learn about this new collection of original essays that question what constitutes literacy in a society organized by race as an inquiry, to deepen the significance for why K–20 learners must develop knowledges that support their abilities to process and
ultimately transform racism. In author-led small groups, participants will share their instructional concerns, challenges, and needs with scholars seeking support as they interrogate and challenge pedagogies.

Cathy Fleischer, Ricki Ginsberg, Pauline S. Schmidt, Matthew J. Kruger-Ross, Jill Runstrom, "PIP Authors in Conversation"

NCTE Author Strand Session │ Saturday, November 19 │ 2:45 p.m.—4:00 p.m. PT

Room 256-B

Join us to hear from the authors of new and forthcoming books in NCTE’s Principles in Practice imprint. PIP editor Cathy Fleischer will host a lively conversation with authors Ricki Ginsberg (Challenging Traditional Classroom Spaces with YA Literature: Students in Community as Course Co-Designers); Pauline S. Schmidt and Matthew J. Kruger-Ross (Reimagining Literacies in the Digital Age: Multimodal Strategies to Teach with Technology); and Jill Runstrom (coauthor with Troy Hicks of the forthcoming Literacies before Technologies: Making Digital Tools Matter for Middle Level Learners). Come with your own questions and wonderings as we learn together from these authors and each other.

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