Annual Convention: November 21-24, 2024     

Friday Sessions

Friday, November 18, 2022 NCTE Annual Convention Concurrent Session Titles (as of 10/6/22)


Audience interest level is listed after the title:

E = Elementary, M = Middle Level, S = Secondary, C = College, G = General, R = Research, TE = Teacher Education


9:30–10:45 a.m.

“Poetry Is Not a Luxury”: Reading and Writing Poetry as Illumination and Life (G R TE)

Affiliate Leadership Follow Up (SCOA) (G)

Antiracist Teaching and Translanguaging: Light from the Field (C M TE)

Authentic Audiobooks Shine Light on Latinx Literature (G)

Beacons of Light: Bridging the Literacy Gap by Building Community Engagement through Student Writing Exchanges (E M S)

Being a Light for One Another: Forming a Self-Study Community of Practice (G R TE)

Being the Light: Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies for Literary and Pedagogical Transformation (G R TE)

Beyond Migrants and Weavers: A Critical Look at Central American Children’s Literature (E)

Both Hurt and Healing: Decolonized Practices for Educators and Students (G S TE)

Burning Brighter Together: How Teaching and Embodying Collective Action Brings Light (G TE)

Curating a Literacy Life: Student-Centered Digital Learning in an Urban High School (C M S)

Dear Teacher: How the Power of Letters and Collaboration can Spark Courageous Conversations That Transform Our Profession (G S TE)

Developing Inclusive Curriculum through Student-Centered Perspectives (G R)

Elevating Nuanced Representation of the Arab American Experience in Education Spaces (G TE)

Equitable Literacy Instruction Demands Joyful and Affirming Knowledge Building (E M R S TE)

Exploring Contemporary Caribbean Children’s and Young Adult Literature: Implications for Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Education (E M R TE)

Exploring Panels and Gutters—Using Comics and Graphic Novels to Craft Critical and Creative Classrooms (G TE)

Finding the Light of Other Suns: Black Speculative Fiction as Literary Lighthouses (M S TE)

How to Fail Like an Improviser: Humanizing the Pursuit of Failure in Writing Instruction through Improvisational Theater (C S TE)

Igniting the Spark: How to Use Author Visits to Inspire and Encourage Students at All Levels (E TE)

Journeying with Students: Migration Narrative Framework for Teachers of Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education Using Sociocognitive Perspectives (G R TE)

Letting in the Light in Teacher Education: Partnering with Schools and Community Organizations for Expanded Methods Courses and Field Experiences (M S TE)

Light of Hope:  Presenting Authors Whose Books for Young Readers Are a Perfect Remedy to Overcome the Pandemic’s Devastating Effects of Isolation and Anxiety (E TE)

Light, Color, Sound, and Texture: Multimodal Composition in K–12 Classrooms (G TE)

Literacy Escape: Using Classroom and Digital Escape Rooms to Engage Students (E M S)

Making Space for Teachers’ Light (G TE)

Media and Pop Culture: Entry Points to Complex Texts and Tough Topics (G)

Multimodal Memoir Writing: Humanizing Our Classrooms and Curriculum (C M S TE)

Permission and Play: Bringing Light to the Writing Workshop through Creativity (E M)

Possibilities of Poetry: Excavating and Exploring Identity in the Elementary Classroom (E)

Ramon Veal Research Seminar (R TE)

Red Bicycle Moment: Write/Share Your Life-Changing Moment Here, as in “Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee” (G)

Reflecting the Light: Reflective Practice with/in Literacy Teaching, Learning, and Being (G R TE)

Reframing Shakespeare’s Cymbeline to Explore Themes of Environmental Justice: Student Actors and Filmmakers on Location in Yosemite National Park (C S)

Specific Strategies to Improve Critical and Engaged Thinking (G TE)

Sueños in Communities of Readers and Writers (G R)

Take the Journey: Rising with Courage, Hope, Humility, and Compassion (G)

Teaching Teenagers to Read and Write: Radical Student Choice in the Classroom (S)

The Birthplace of Young Activists: Developing Socially Just, Antiracist Elementary Classrooms Using Literature that Represents, Celebrates, and Challenges (E)

The Greatest Climate Change Threat to California and Developing the Schema Required to Be a Critical Participant in Real World Solutions (S)

The “Fun Doesn’t Stop Here”: Peritext as a Site for Critical Literacy in Books for Beginning Readers (E R TE)

Two-Point Perspective:  How Creative Depth Fosters Collaborative Communities (E)

Using Oral Language Composition and Rehearsal to Support Elaboration (E)

Working with and Learning from Indigenous Communities: A Book-Making Project to Counter Language Extinction (E R)

Writing for and from the Heart: Exploration of Social Emotional Learning through Collaborative Writing with Universal Design for Learning (C M S)


11:00 a.m.–12:15 p.m.

Actualizing Our Sueños: Radically Inclusive Teaching with Newcomer and Emergent Plurilingual Students (M R S TE)

Bright Pasts and Futures: Possibilities of YAL for Teaching ELA and Methods (G R TE)

Changing Schools, Growing Teachers, Creating Spaces for Equitable Learning: Realizing the Potential of PDS Spaces (C E R TE)

Climate Advocacy through Public Art: Using Personal Narratives and Critical Inquiry to Bring Awareness to Climate Change (M S)

Connecting Reading and Writing to Student Identities: Bringing The Outsiders In (M)

Constellations and Not a Single Star: Shining and Rising Native Voices on Collaboration and Writing Truths (G)

Creating Space for Care, Healing, and Well-Being in Teaching and Learning (G R TE)

Critical Praxis for Action (G R TE)

“Cuando tenía siete años.”: Family Storytelling in Early Years Online Bilingual Classrooms (E TE)

Digging up Hidden Histories: Using the Light of Research to Bring Learning to Life (E M)

Dreaming Past the Whiteness of Teacher Education: The Multimodal Visioning of WOC Preservice Teachers and Teacher Educators (G R TE)

Eight Great English Education Authors Who Light the Way for Teachers (M S TE)

Embodied Literacies for Lighthearted Classrooms (G TE)

Enlivening Critical Reader Response Encounters with Picturebooks In the Early Childhood and Elementary Classroom (E M TE)

Exploring the Role of Multimodal Literacies in Students’ Reading, Writing, and Analysis in Elementary and Secondary ELA Classrooms (G R TE)

Freedom Dreaming: Crafting the Literacy and Teaching Communities We Want to Work Within (E M S)

Illuminating Diverse Voices of Past and Present in the English Classroom (M S)

Illuminating Literary Fiction and Adolescent Lit: Creating Culturally Sustaining Text Sets with Primary Sources and Multigenre Texts (M S TE)

Illuminating Possibilities: Young Adult Literature as Bystander Intervention Education (C M S)

Illuminating Teacher’s Meta Language Practices in the Elementary Classroom (E TE)

Interactive Digital Shakespeare for the Pandemic and Beyond: Spotlight on Theater-Based Collaborations (M S)

Leading When Everything Is Out of Balance: The Truth About Leading for Equity, Justice, and Antiracist Schools (G)

Lessons of Light from Louisville’s Collaborative for Antiracist Teaching: Collaborate, Empower, Persist (G)

Leveraging the Resources of Families and Community: Strength-Based Approaches to Relationships and Engagement (E TE)

Literacies before Technologies: Making Digital Tools Matter for Middle Level Learners (M R TE)

Literature and Literacy as a Lighthouse: Finding Our Way through Dark Times (E M TE)

Make a Joyful Noise: Centering Black Joy in Curriculum Planning and Text Selection (E M S TE)

Mental Health Topics as a Guiding Light in a Post-Pandemic World (C M S)

On the Corner of Candor and Hope There Lives a Poem (M S)

Pedagogies of Possibility: Uplifting Culturally Responsive Approaches to Online Teaching and Learning (E M R S)

Place, Power, and Pedagogy: Foregrounding “Bright Practices” to Expand Thinking, Writing, and Doing in Classrooms (G R S)

Prisms of Possibility: Using Autobiography and Audio Memoirs to Launch Writing Exercises (G)

Promoting Student Agency and Voice through Poetry and Primary and Secondary Sources (G)

Pursuing More Equitable Assessment Practices: Challenges and Opportunities in Advocating for Students, Families, and Communities (G R TE)

Shining a Light on Students’ Voices: Youth Writing for Interruption (YWI) Approach (M S)

Shining a Light on the World and within Using Poetry, Nonfiction, and Imagination (E M S)

Sparks Fly: Using Literature and Student Voices to Ignite Grammar Conversations (E M S)

Storytelling, Practicing Care, and Engaging Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies in Teacher Education (S TE)

Strategies as Lampposts: Using Content Area Literacy Strategies and Disciplinary Literacy in Secondary  ELA to Support Adolescents’ Literacy Development (S TE)

Students Becoming Historians and Storytellers (C)

Taking Stock and Naming Frameworks at Play: Teaching Pre-Service Teachers to Negotiate the Challenges of Sticking Points in Fieldwork (R TE)

Teach/Write in the Skin You’re In: Developing Teacher Voices that Foster Writers’ Voices (M S TE)

Teaching Critical Civic and Media Literacies (E M R S TE)

The Nerdy Book Club: Fostering Community and Compassion with Books (G)

Triggers, Cancel Culture, and Troubled Texts in Troubling Times: Pursuing the Light of Equitable Literature Teaching (C S)

Using Jewish Children’s Literature in Preschool through Sixth-Grade Classrooms—Asking Enduring Questions (E TE)

Using Literature to Shine Light on Healing and Hope for Students during Difficult, Dark Times (E M)

“Every year on Juneteenth, they celebrated and remembered”: Analyzing the Story of Juneteenth in Children’s Literature through a Lens of CRT (E R TE)


12:30–1:45 p.m.

A Poetry Pedagogy for Teachers (C R S TE)

Artful Literacy: Integrate the Arts in Literacy Instruction to Promote Critical and Socially Engaged Teaching and Learning (E TE)

Banned in the USA: Lighting a Fire for Reading and Not to Books (G)

Bring the Light In: Children’s Literature for Truth-Telling (E M)

Bringing Novice Teachers’ Experiences to Light: Lessons in Renewal from Early Career ELA Teachers in the Pandemic (TE)

Bringing the Light of Nonbinary Students to All Classrooms (E M TE)

Community-Based Practices for Preservice Field Engagement (G R TE)

Constrained by Contexts: Challenges for a Gay Teacher in Realizing Humanizing Pedagogies and Journey to Rhetoric Listening (G R TE)

Cultivating Antiracist Classrooms and Fostering EL-Inclusive Classrooms through Reading in the Audio Mode (G)

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy with Young Learners: Revolutionary Love in Action (E TE)

Cynical and Captivated Publics: Pedagogical Strategies for Navigating the Scylla and Charybdis of Audience Engagement in Science Communication (C)

Daily Joy: Practices That Light Up Our Thinking, Writing, and Teaching (C M S)

Dreaming Big: Strategies for Rejuvenating and Building Membership in State Affiliates (G)

Educating with Hope: Preparing a Climate Literate Global Citizenry (E M S TE)

“Freedom Is Twisty”: A Case Study on Using SFL Methodology in an ELL/ELA Classroom (S R TE)

Genius in the Middle: Voices from the Middle Explores Culturally and Historically Responsive Literacy in the ELA Classroom (M)

Graphic Novels: A Promising Light to Support English Learner to Build Literacy and Language Acquisition (E M R S)

Holding Space for and Finding Strength in Student Voices, Storytelling, and Writing (G R TE)

Illuminating Places: Deep Maps as Sites of Inquiry for Writing (C TE)

Illuminating Radical, Humanizing, Literary Approaches to Mental Health/Illness in English Language Arts (S TE)

Illuminating Resistance: Black Feminist Futures for Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Activism (E M R S TE)

Illuminating the Identities of Refugees, Immigrants, and Transnational Students (G TE)

Into the Light of Diverse Jewish Children’s Literature (E M  TE)

Let the Light Shine: Understanding Censorship of ABAR Methods/ PSTs (G TE)

New Perspectives on Primary Sources: Innovative Ideas from Teacher Leaders in an NCTE/Library of Congress Fellowship (M R S TE)

Partners in Change: Using Literature to Activate Identity and Criticality In and Out Of the Classroom (S TE)

Radical Listening: Humanizing Pedagogies that Nurture Equitable Classroom Interactions (G R TE)

Reflection as Agency: An Assets Approach to Shining Light on Teacher and Student Learning (C M S TE)

Rekindling the Light: College and Secondary  English Educators Negotiate the Student Teaching Experience to Support Students as Well as Themselves (C M S TE)

Researching Young Adult Literature: Creating Space to Pursue Light and to Dream (C M R S TE)

Restor(y)ing and Composing: Literacy Teachers and Students Light It Up (E S TE)

Sharing Our Voices: Creating Equity-Driven Community Writing Opportunities for Youth, Families, and Teachers (G R TE)

Sharing the Light through Writing and Storytelling (G R TE)

Shedding Light on Book Choices: What to Read First in High School English (C M S)

Shifting the Spotlight by Empowering English Learners (E M S)

Shining the Light on Our Latinx Students and Their Families’ Linguistic and Cultural Practices (E G)

Sonnets for Social Justice: Youth Voices and Teaching Shakespeare for Identity, Community, Justice, and Action (S TE)

Sparking Engagement: Translating and Integrating Social Media and Popular Culture Into the Literacy Environment (G TE)

Teachers as Readers: Shaping, Sustaining, and Sharing Our Own Reading Lives (E M)

The Science of Art: Creating Partnerships between Literature and STEM Courses (C M S)

The Spark behind the Spark: Cultivating Curiosity and Critical Thinking with Children’s Literature and Primary Sources (E)

Three Strategies That Lead to Independent Reading and Culturally Responsive Teaching (M S)

Using Culturally Relevant Children’s Books in a High School Setting to Build Literacy (S)

Using Storytelling, Writing and Read Alouds to Amplify Students’ Voices and as the Guiding Light Needed to Create Culturally Relevant Curriculum (E)

Writing for Publication in Research in the Teaching of English—Research-Based Argumentation in Historical, Social, and Cultural Contexts (R TE)

“You Your Best Thing:” Working through Pandemic Grief with Creative Writing and Writing Groups (C S)


2:00–3:15 p.m.

Adolescent Reading Reimagined: Literacy Illuminating Lives (M S TE)

Authors Who Shine Light on Difficult Topics: Literature That Supports Middle School Students (M  TE)

Book Banning and Erasure of The Whole Child: How Removing or Limiting Access to Books Impacts Children (G TE)

Braiding Sweetgrass for Young Adults: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants with Adapter Monique Gray Smith (G)

Bringing Light to Bias Impact: Guiding Students Through the Pyramid of Hate (M S)

Conceptualizing Theory as a Liberatory Practice in ELA Teaching and Learning (M S TE)

Creating Community with Our Students and Families: Shining the Light on Their Sueños and Ways of Knowing through Stories (E)

Creating Online Inquiry-Based Professional Communities to Support Teachers and Students (E M S)

Cultivating New Voices among Scholars of Color Mentor Session (G R)

ECEOC—Imagining New Worlds: Racial Literacies, Cross-Cultural Solidarity, and Social Change (G R TE)

ELATE Commission Meetings #1 (TE)

Exploring NCTE’s New Publication, Theater, Drama, and Reading: Transforming the Rehearsal Process into a Reading Process with Author Judith Freeman Garey (C S TE)

Finding the Light between Us: How Nine Black Women Found Light, Community, and Equity through a Never Ending Text Thread (G TE)

From Multimodal Literacies to Critical Media Literacy: How ELA Classrooms Can Pursue the Light through Media Education (G TE)

Harnessing the Power of Young Adult Literature for Educational Equity: Classroom Teachers Tell Their Stories (M S)

Highlighting Research In (and Outside of) the ELA Classroom (G R TE)

Hopes & Tropes: Fifty Books in Fifty Minutes (M S)

Illumination: How Assessment Conferences Foster Student Agency and Grading Practices That Are Equitable, Transparent, and Consistent (S TE)

Increasing Students’ Transference of Teachers’ Commentary to Subsequent Drafts Using an Effective Digital Tool (C S TE)

Interrogating the Role of Emotions in Anti-Oppressive Literacy Education (G R TE)

It’s Your Cue! Using Active Drama Approaches to Illuminate Shakespeare’s Language for Novice Readers (C M S)

Lighting the Way to Our Stories: Opposition and Creativity amid Pandemic (G R TE)

Listening for the Light: Teaching Reading-Writing Connections in the Service of Individual Student Identity (E M)

Mathematizing Children’s Literature: Sparking Connections, Joy, and Wonder through Read-Alouds and Discussion (E)

Meet Them in the Middle: Designing Kid-Friendly, Academically Challenging Middle School English Curriculum (M S)

Poetry Builds Empathy and Connection: Using Harjo’s An American Sunrise in a Community-Wide Reading Program to (Re)Learn Native American History and Culture (M S)

Pro-Black Practices in Elementary Literacy Education (E TE)

Shining Light on the Experiences of Refugees, Migrants, and Exiles with Mohsin Hamid’s Exit West (G)

Sparkling Eyes vs Standard-ized: Humanizing Language and Culture through Dramatic Inquiry (E M S)

Students in the Spotlight: Shining a Light on Students as Writers (E M S)

Taking the “Ugh” Out of Summer Reading (M S)

Teaching and Teacher Education in Pandemic Times (G R TE)

Teaching with the 2022 Charlotte Huck & Orbis Pictus Award Books (E M)

The Everyday Joy in AAPI Books: How Light-Filled Themes Can Bring Connection to Readers (E M)

The Intersection of Literacy, Sport, Culture, and Society (E  M S)

The Light Is On in Our Souls for the Power of Story: Telling, Sharing, and Amplifying Why Story Matters in Today’s World (G)

The Living Legacy of the Black Panther Party: A BPP Alumni and Cub Multimedia Curriculum Collaboration (C S TE)

They’re Not Too Young! Guiding Early Elementary Students through Difficult Conversations (E TE)

Toward a Social Class-Visible ELA (C M  S  TE)

Translanguaging in and across Global Contexts with Elementary Students and Texts (G R TE)

Translanguaging Pedagogy, Independent Reading, and Conferring: Supporting Students in Pursuing Their Sueños (E)

Using Our Light to See Our Way through Extraordinary Circumstances: Voice, Equity, and Creativity (S)

Using Visual Re-Presentations to Interrogate Social Justice Issues (G R TE)

“Visit Our City”: From Document-Based Questions to Multimodal Culturally Relevant Social Studies and Literacy Integration (E R TE)

We Are America: Narratives, History, and Identity (M S)

When I Get My Superpowers: How Black Stories Can Spark Joy, Healing, and Center Black Students (S)

#Why Middle Matters—Illuminating the Middle: Speculative Fiction as Healing, Joy, and Justice (E M S)


2:00–4:45 p.m.

High School Matters—Learning Liberated: Reading, Writing, and Discussion Grounded in Multimodal Pedagogies (S)


3:30–4:45 p.m.

A Call to Reform and Sustain: Highlighting the Voices of Young Climate Activists “Getting Real” (G)

A Critical Analysis of Whiteness in To Kill a Mockingbird: Exploring Rural-Serving Inservice ELA Teachers’ Engagement with Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy (M S TE)

Accessing Light: Preparing Content Area Teachers for Socially Just/Social Justice Teaching through Disciplinary Literacy in Linguistically Diverse Classrooms (S TE)

Advocating for Young Adult Literature in Politically Divided Times: Creating Alliances to Face the Challenges (M S TE)

Agents of Light: Reaching Adolescents in Crisis through the Toe Tag Monologues and Young Adult Literature (C M S TE)

Changing the Narrative, Reimagining the Curriculum: Light for Marginalized Voices (E S TE)

Choice as a Beacon to Authentic Reading (M S)

Creating Equitable Classrooms: Inclusivity, Trauma-Informed Pedagogy, and Labor-Based Grading (C TE)

Critical and Culturally Responsive Literacy Instruction across Local and Global Classroom Contexts (G TE)

Dreaming in Protest: Rooting Discourse in Civic Literacy to Disrupt Mono-Modal Methods in Secondary   ELA Classroom (M S)

Early Career ELA Teachers Subverting “Back to Basics” Instruction to Include Innovative, Equitable, Antiracist ELA Instruction during the Global Pandemic (M S TE)

ELATE Membership Meeting and Social Hour (TE)

Finding Light in the Never Ending Shade—Writing Practices for Joy and Rejuvenation (G)

Fire and Words: Igniting Equitable Writing Instruction (C M S TE)

From Will to Skill and Back Again: Re-Energizing Kids for Their Journey Forward (M S)

Goals vs. Vision: Choosing a Framework to Make the Dream of All Students Writing a Reality (E M)

Helping Students Find Light by Reading and Writing Poetry (M S)

History’s Heartache and Hope: What’s Known, Unknown, and Why It Matters (M S TE)

Inseparable Links: Igniting a Whole Teacher Approach to Curriculum Design (M S TE)

Lights! Camera! Magic! Critical Theory in the Secondary  Classroom through Encanto and Other Magical Texts (M S)

Literacy Teaching in the State of Surveillance and the Implications on Literacy Teaching and Learning (E R TE)

Literature as a Lighthouse: Illuminating the Path beyond a Single Story (E TE)

Mentor Texts as Lighthouses: Using Real-World Texts to Guide and Inspire Young Writers (E M S)

Multimodal Text Sets of the Untold and Silenced Stories in Our Communities (E M S)

Navigating Trauma in the English Classroom (C  S TE)

Power of Persistence (E M)

Practically Teaching: Master Teachers Pass the Torch and Light the Way (G TE)

Pursuing the Light with Place-Based Writing: Finding Meaning and Authenticity in the World Outside the Classroom (E M S TE)

Rethinking Collaboration: Youth Participatory Action Research and the Enactment of Educational Solidarity (S TE)

Shining a Light in the Dark: Addressing Missing African and Puerto Rican Representations in the ELA Classroom through Critical Multiculturalism (E)

Shining a Light on Teachers’ Voices through Digital Storytelling (G TE)

Spark: Igniting the Synergy of Literacy, Innovation, and Arts Integration in Multicultural Classrooms (E M)

Student Voice is the Light: Interrogating Limited Notions of Citizenship and Expanding What It Means to Partake in Our Communities (E)

Supporting Inservice and Preservice Teachers through Critical Self-Reflection and Antiracist Pedagogies (G R TE)

Supporting New ELA Teachers by Learning to Play (M S TE)

Teaching Queer and Trans Curricula in K–12 English and Literacy Classrooms (G TE)

The Category Is Queer Lit and the Future Is Bright: Exploring Lessons from a Fiercely Magical LGBTQIA+ Book Club (S)

This Little Light of Mine: Culturally Relevant and Sustaining Practices in Elementary and Early Childhood Education (E)

Toward Transformative and Humanizing Critical Writing Pedagogy (E M R TE)

What It Means to Teach With Love: From Theory to Practice (E M TE)

What Teachers Need to Know about the History of English Teaching (S TE)

What We’ve Learned: Two Decades of Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out (G)

#Why Middle Matters—Illuminating the Middle: Ethnic Studies and the Middle School Context (M)

Writing as the Binding Light of Community (E R)

Writing That Matters (Graves Award Session) (E M)

Writing the Light: Black Girl’s Literacies and Writing Identity (G R)

“We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For”: Roundtable on Teacher Voice in Post-Pandemic Education (G TE)



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