Annual Convention: November 21-24, 2024     

Saturday Sessions

Saturday, November 19, 2022 NCTE Annual Convention Concurrent Session Titles (as of 10/6/22)


Audience interest level is listed after the title:

E = Elementary, M = Middle Level, S = Secondary, C = College, G = General, R = Research, TE = Teacher Education


8:00–9:15 a.m.

A Pool of Light: Writing Effective Book Rationales to Support Teachers and Kids (G)

Agents of Change: Raising Student Voice for Advocating for Marginalized or Oppressed Groups (G R TE)

Alternative Literacies in the Spotlight: Digital and Graphic Middle Grades Practices (G TE)

Amplifying the Light of Strength-Based Pedagogy: Deepening Our Funds of Knowledge Work in a Teacher Education Literacy Course (C M S TE)

Books as Beacons on Friendships: Shining Light on Toxic and Healthy Relationships in Middle Grade Fiction (M S)

Bringing Public Language to the Light: Critical Explorations of the Language of Our Lives (C M S TE)

Capturing the Spark of Inquiry: Nonfiction Illuminating the World for Young People (E M S TE)

Celebrating the Legacy of Dr. Ken Goodman (E)

Coalition Building, Antiracism, and Truth-Telling to Build Suburban Literacies (E M S TE)

Cultivating New Voices Roundtable Session: Discussion about How Your Research is Shining Light on What Matters (G)

Daring to Dig out of Darkness: Choosing to Collectively Pursue Antiracist and Equitable Teaching in a High School ELA Department (S)

Destination Unexpected: How Stories and Information Prepare Us for Change, Exploration, and Finding Community (M S TE)

Dragon Ladies, Model Minorities, and Quiet Girls: Asian American Girlhood Representation and Resistance in Children’s and Young Adult Fiction (E M  S)

El Pasado Como Faro para el Futuro: Puerto Rican Scholars Using Vicki and A Summer of Change! for Community-Building and Restorying (G)

Engage and Empower: Expanding the Curriculum for Justice and Activism (S)

Examining Diversity and Inclusion in Multimodal Children’s Picture Books (G R TE)

Finding the Light in Ourselves with Truth-Telling Fiction (E M)

From Black Boxes on the Screen to Writers in Conversation: Hospitality, Sanctuary Spaces, and the Promise of Virtual Face-to-Face Assessment (C M S TE)

Meet the NCTE Editors (G)

Mentor Texts in Spanish: How to Find Culturally Sustaining Texts that Pair with Writing Units (E)

Pain and Possibility: A Balance of Grief and Joy through Poetry (M S)

Poetry in Pursuit of Light—Presenting the NCTE 2022 Notable Poetry Books and Verse Novels (E M TE)

Pursuing Light in Dark Places: Teaching toward Freedom inside a State Prison (C R S TE)

Pursuing the Light with Funds of Knowledge and Funds of Identity (G TE)

Reading Aloud and Proud: Embedding the High School English Classroom with Justice-Oriented Education (M S TE)

Recovering Means Reconsidering the Possibilities: Teachers Reflect on Light, Literacy, and the COVID-19 Pandemic (E M R TE)

Sharing Our Sueños: The Intersection of Community Cultural Wealth and Family Engagement in Early Childhood Settings (E)

Shining a Light on Children and Youth through Digital Storytelling and Digital Inquiry (E TE)

#TeachLivingPoets: NEW! Hands-On Activities and Collaborative Strategies That Nurture Student Engagement with Poetry (C M S)

Teacher Research: A Lighthouse in a Storm (E M R S TE)

The Path to Writing Proficiency: Shedding Light on the Academic Writing Development of English Learners (R S TE)

Using Critical Literacy Book Clubs to Empower Diverse Elementary Student Voices (E TE)

Using Young Adult Literature to Engage Today’s Youth with Causes and Consequences of the Holocaust: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Teach Preservice Teachers (C M S TE)

Young Adult Titles for Transformative Teaching (G R TE)

Youth Voices: Pursuing the Light of Our Students’ Lived Experiences in the English Classroom.(M S TE)


10:30 a.m.–6:30 p.m.

NCTE Screening Room 2022 (G R TE)


11:00 a.m.–12:15 p.m.

A Beacon of Light in the Dark: Using Stories to Kindle Hope (E M)

American Indian Caucus Open Forum (G)

Asian/Asian American Caucus Open Forum (G)

Authentic Literacy Practices in the Spotlight: Connecting Literacies to Community Worlds (G)

Black Caucus Business Meeting (G)

Bright Practices in Teaching Critical Digital Literacy (E M S  TE)

Classroom Culture as a Source of Light: Literacies That Build Community (G  R TE)

Critical Issues in English Education: Research by ELATE Research Grant and Award Winners (R TE)

Dispelling Shadows of Uncertainty: Facilitating Professional Growth through Dialogue and Young Adult School Stories (C R S TE)

#DisruptTexts Now More Than Ever (G TE)

Educators Using Literacy For Environmental Justice—A Multigenerational Collaboration (G)

Epiphanies Everywhere: A Student-Led Publishing Project Creatively Chronicling a 7-Year College-Access Program (C M S)

Focusing the Light: Navigating Preservice Curricular Experience (G R TE)

Highways, Byways, and Intersections: Using the Steps of the Writing Process as a Beacon to Study Identity, Characterization, and Intersectionality (S)

Humanizing Literacy Practices to Light Up the Middle Grades Classroom (G R TE)

Igniting the Light Within: Helping Students Find Their Voice through Collaboration (C M S)

Illuminating Dimensions of Empathy: Dreaming of a Critical Empathetic Approach to Literature Study in Antiracist ELA Classrooms (M S TE)

Improving Literacy Opportunities for Indigenous Students using EL Supports (G M R S TE)

Into the Light: Exploring the Spectrum of the Human Experience through Shared Stories with a Schoolwide Book-of-the-Month Program (E M)

Keeping the Pilot Light On: Using an Empathy-Centric Lens to Design Literacy Invitations in an Academic Literacy Workshop (E M S TE)

Latinx Caucus Open Forum (G)

Lead with Hope: The Power of Uniting Rural and Urban Youth Voices in YPAR (R S)

Learning with Families and Writing Together: How a National Writing Project Fellowship Supported Elementary Teachers Foster Family Engagement and Literacy (E TE)

Let Books Light the Way: Using Diverse and Inclusive Literature to Foster Empathy, Equity, and Change (E M S TE)

Let’s Walk and Talk! Using Our Community and Environment around us to Support Literacy Development and Promote Student Voice’ (G R TE)

Letters to COVID (C M R S TE)

Light: Be It, Bring It, Share It—Spotlight on Buildingwide Literacy Initiatives (G M)

Lit Mags Light the Way (S)

Makerspace Poetry (E M TE)

Multimodal Composition: Illuminating Our Humanity and Influencing Change (E M S)

Out of the Darkness: Transformative Teaching and Healing in Transformative Times (C R S TE)

Pursuing the Light of African American Poets: Teaching a Reader Response Strategy to Understand Theme and Create a Cento Poem (C M S TE)

Searching for the Stars in Online Teaching: Lessons Learned during the Darkness of a Global Pandemic (C M R S TE)

Sharing My Dreams and Shaping Our Sueños: A Community Literature-Based Pen Pal Project (G)

Sports Culture as a Site for Research and Inquiry in the ELA Classroom (C M S)

Spotlighting Student Voices in Dark Times: Interdisciplinary Multimodality and the General Education Classroom (C)

#TeachLivingPoets: “Keep the Fire. See by It” Featuring Poet Tim Seibles (C M S)

Teaching Young Adult Literature: Creating Space to Pursue Light and to Dream (C M S TE)

The CARE Framework: Antiracist Education from Theory to Practice (G TE)

The Future of Literacy Education: Digital Discourse For What? (S)

The Social Justice Potential of Comics in Language Arts Contexts (G R TE)

Transformational Econarratives: Using Picture Books, MG and YA Lit to Cultivate Imagination and Hope in Youth for Solving Environmental and social problems (E M S TE)

Using Readers and Writers Workshop to Promote SEL (C M S)

We Begin Here: Exploring Literacies and Land in Early Elementary Classrooms (E TE)

Weathering the Storm: Student Voices for Context, Challenge, and Change (G S)

#Why Middle Matters—Illuminating the Middle: Censorship, Sustainability, and Finding Light in a Climate of Fear (E M S TE)

Writing Our Sueños: Cultivating the Light within Ourselves (G S TE)


12:30–1:45 p.m.

“Boys Can’t Wear Skirts”: Facilitating Critical Dialogue in the Classroom with Youth (G R TE)

Antiracist Pedagogies That Resist Cultural Biases (G R TE)

Be a Light, Not a Dimmer: Honoring Social Justice Commitments in the ELA Classroom (C M S)

Children’s Literature Pursuing Sueños of Peace, Equity, Social Justice, and Global Community (G TE)

Clarifying Misinformation: Tools to Empower Students (G TE)

Creating Brave Spaces: Using Picture Books as a Tool for Greater Understanding and Empathy (G TE)

Disability Studies in the English Classroom (S)

Engaging Readers: From Comprehension to Social Justice (E G M  S)

Expanding Critical Reading Methods: What Lies Beside, Beyond, and Contingent to Close Reading? (C M  R S TE)

Graphic Novels to Promote Student Storytelling and Understanding (G)

Illuminating Critical Methods for Bilingual and Biliterate Teachers (G R TE)

In Pursuit of Light: Exploring Writing Methods for Teachers and Teacher Educators (G R TE)

Light in Changing Times: Interdisciplinary Literacies in the Middle Grades (G  R TE)

Light the Way: Reflections from an Urban- Based Teacher Residency Program (C R TE)

Lighting the Way with Civic Literacies (G R TE)

Lighting the Way! Exploring Contemporary Concerns in the Early Childhood Classroom Using Award Winning Picturebooks (E TE)

Lighting the Way: Engaging Literature and Text to Think through Social Problems (G TE)

Lighting Up Identities and Justice in the Middle Grades (G)

Linking Literacies across the Curriculum through Multimodal Text Sets (M S)

Look Again: Inviting Students to See Familiar Civil Rights Landmarks in New Ways (C M S)

Making the Ancestors Proud and Illuminating the Future: Multigenerational and Multimodal Freedom Dreaming for Educational Justice (E M R S)

Nurturing and Sustaining Critical Educators: A Mentoring and Network Session (E M S)

Out of the Margins: Reimagining Narratives through Minor Character Explorations (S)

Representing Ourselves and Our Dreams: Remixing Visual Media with an Eye toward Criticality (E TE)

Shedding Light on a Growing Field: Identifying Trends in Scholarly Books about Young Adult Literature (C R S TE)

Shedding Light on Book Deserts: Book Access and Equity (G)

Shedding Light on Processes in Academia: A Conversation on Navigating the Ranks of Academia in English Teacher Education (G TE)

Shining Light on Latinidad in the S  ELA Classroom (M S)

#SocialStrategies for Cultivating Multimodal Communications (M S C)

The Creativity Collaborative: Sustaining Community, Care, and Creative Reflection (G R TE)

The Role of NCTE, Literacy Educators, and the Committee on Diversity and Inclusivity in Support of Anti-Racist Literacy Education (G TE)

To Boldly Go: Exploring the Future and Social Justice through YA Science Fiction (S  TE)

Using Literacy Leadership to Plant Seeds of Opportunity and Illuminate Growth In Middle School Students (E M S)

Using Young Adult Verse Novels as Mentor Texts for Student Writers (M S TE)

Utilizing Book Study and a Challenge-Based Learning Project to Enlighten First-Year College Students Regarding Race and Equity during the COVID-19 Pandemic (C TE)

You’re Getting Warmer! Climate Conversations in the ELA Classroom (E M S)


2:45–4:00 p.m.

2022 Notable Books for a Global Society: Dreams, Hope, and Possibilities in Literature (G TE)

A Whole New World: Books and Cultural Practices to Create Dreams and Ideas for a Better America (G R TE)

Being a Light for Each Other: Illuminating Fieldwork Partnerships between English Education and 6–12 ELA Contexts (M S TE)

Beyond the Blank and Darkened Screen: Bringing Digital Literacy Practices to Light in ELA Instruction (M S TE)

Beyond the Book: Understanding the Complexities of Digital Literacies and Authorship (G R TE)

Bi/Multilingual Luminaries: Bilingual Teachers Empowering Student’s Language, Literacy, and Community Practices in the Classroom (C E R TE)

Blended and Online Spaces: Spaces for Literacy Collaboration (M TE)

Bottling Memories That Ignite: Harnessing the Power of Narrative Storytelling to Increase Joy in the ELA Classroom (G)

Bright Practices to Support Preservice Teachers (C TE)

Bringing Social Justice Concepts and Censorship to Light (G TE)

Close Reading Culturally Relevant Music (E M)

Community as the North Star: Building Literacy in Collective Spaces (M R S TE)

Connecting through Story: The Transformative Power of Daily Picture Book Read Alouds (E G M  TE)

Constructing Writer’s Workshop to Build on Students’ Linguistic Repertoires and Funds of Knowledge (E R TE)

Creating Dialogue across Generations of Scholars: Revolutionary Scholarship for and with Latinx Students, Families and Communities (R)

Creating Light through Books: The Power of Brave Spaces for Bridging Social Adversities in Virtual Book Clubs (M S)

Expanding Trauma-Informed Care through Literacies of Love and Embodiment (R S TE)

Finding Grace: Practical Tools for the Overworked or Overwhelmed ELA Teacher (E M S)

Finding Light from Theory to Practice: BIPOC Educators Share Their Stories (C R TE)

First Gen/Gen Z: Reimagining Field Experiences through Literacy Partnerships (S TE)

Illuminating Critical Pedagogy and Practice for Preservice and Early Career Teachers (G R TE)

Imagining and Creating a Better World in YA Fantasy (G)

Into the Light: Organizing Against Censorship of Diverse Books (G)

James Moffett’s Lost Language Learning Program: Interaction (TE)

Looking at Our Reading and Writing Practices That Work: Igniting Engagement and Learning in the Classroom (M S)

Multimodal Expressions through Art and Storytelling (G TE)

Navigating the Affordances and Challenges of Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies (G R TE)

Park Rangers and Teachers Ignite Meaningful Learning and Spark Inspiration through Nature-Based Writing and Communities of Practice (E S)

Radical Truth-Telling: Reckoning with Dr. King’s Legacy in Our Classrooms (E M S)

School Librarians, Teachers, Booksellers, and Authors Bring “Light” to Schools and Communities (G M S)

Shining the Light on Palestinian Voices through Poetry (C M S)

Students and Stories: Illuminating Community with Student Driven Storytelling (G TE)

Sueña con Nosotros: Reimagining Educational Spaces as Beacons for Hope and Transformation (R TE)

The Emotion Atlas Project (C M S)

When Disciplinary Literacy Meets Informational Texts: Shining a Light on the Close Reading Model (M S)

#Why Middle Matters—Middle Grade Literature as Dreams and Possibility—The Middle Level Mosaic (M)

Working toward Educational Justice: Gender-Focused Inclusive Critical Education in Action (E M)

Writers Are Lighters: Writing Communities Find Their Way Out of the Dark (C E M R TE)

Writing to Soñar: Latina Girls Stories Shining their Way to Freedom (E M S TE)


2:45–5:30 p.m.

College Section Event/Workshop—Supporting Teachers in Turbulent Times: Holding a Light to Critical Pedagogical Practices


4:15–5:30 p.m.

A New Age of Community and Connectivity (G R TE)

Amplifying Voice and Agency: Storytelling with Facing History and Ourselves and This Teenage Life Podcast (M S)

AP English: The Curricular Beacons of Text Variety and Performance Data (C S)

Being a Light for Each Other: Connecting across Schools and Communities through Professional Book Study Groups (M S)

Bringing LGBTQ+ Sueños into the Light (G R TE)

Bringing the Light through Spoken Word and Protest Poetry (G TE)

Collaborative Superhero Storytelling: Lighting the Way for Critical Inquiry and Transmedial Design (E M)

Countering Harmful Media Narratives with Young Adult Literature (S)

Dreaming and Doing: Antiracist Literary Advisory Board (A-LAB) (C R S TE)

ELATE Commissions Meetings #2 (TE)

Entering and Extending the Conversation: Making Room at the Table for More Voices and Visions (M S TE)

Everything You Need to Know about Participating in the NCTE Book Awards and More! (G)

Finding Community Again: The Role of Literacies in Building the Bonds between School, Young People and Families (G R TE)

Ideas Can Change the World (C S)

Illuminating the Ignored and Silenced Voices: Countering the Story of Arab and Muslim Women (S)

Into the Light: The Power of Books and Poetry to Light Our Way and Ignite Our Dreams (E M TE)

Languages, Cultures, and Identities: Trends and Possibilities in Bilingual Picturebooks and Transitional Chapter Books for Multilingual Readers and Writers (G R)

Lighting the Way: Advancing Culturally Sustaining Literacies in English Education (M  S)

Lighting Up Middle Grades Reading Praxis (G)

NCTE Research Foundation Grant Recipient Presentations (R)

Poetry, Writing, and Oral Storytelling as Antiracist Pedagogies (G)

Prioritizing Sueños of Multilingual Students and Families: Reciprocity in a TESOL Family and Community Engagement Teacher Preparation Program (C E TE)

Reading the World: Using Hard Topics to Create Hope and Change (E M S)

Reading, Writing, and Justice: Illuminating Paths Ahead for Teachers and Teacher Educators (G)

Recipe for Dreams: Teacher Candidates Feeling their Way Into Student Teaching (E M S TE)

Redefining Success: Exploring Comunidad, Confianza, and Complexity with Newcomer and Emergent Plurilingual Students (M R S TE)

Shifting Perspective: Using Literature and Language to Illuminate Our Shared Humanity (E M)

Shining a Light and Lighting a Fire: The Wonder of Poetry (S)

Shining a Light on Students—Full Linguistic Repertoire/Iluminando la Trayectoria Linguistica de Nuestros Estudiantes (E R TE)

Storying through Writing: Igniting a Sense of Community and Identity (E M S TE)

Striving to Be a Light: The Case Study of a Transgender Student Teacher (G TE)

Supporting and Scaffolding Students to Create Digital and Multimodal Compositions (M S TE)

The Glow That Illuminates, The Light That Glares: Instructional Materials and Representation in Teacher Education (TE)

To Witness and Be Witnessed: Being The Truth Our Young People Need (E)

Tools of Illumination and Inspiration (G TE)

Trigger Warnings: Lighting the Way Forward and/or Fracturing Classroom Communities? (C)

Using the Quad Text Set Approach to Teach for Social Justice and Equity in the ELA Classroom (C M S TE)

Writing Illuminated: Fantasy Authors Share Inspiring Story Passages for Classroom Study (C M S)


5:00–6:30 p.m.

Black Caucus Executive Committee (G)


5:00–7:00 p.m.

Asian/Asian American Caucus Networking and Mentoring Event (G)


6:00–7:15 p.m.

Books as Lighthouses: Using Children’s Literature to Illuminate and Provide Hope in the Darkness of Sexual Abuse (E M TE)

Highlighting International Stories for Children and Adolescents (G)

How “English” Can Deepen the American Dream: Expanding on James Moffett’s Final Idea, That the Heart of Our Profession Is “the Tending of Souls” (G)

Storytelling SIG—Being Real During Unreal Times—Knowing Where the Story Works by Professional Storyteller Karen Golden also Tell Me by Dr. Kevin Cordi, +SWAP (G TE)


7:00–9:00 p.m.

The Fountain of the Muse (G)



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