Annual Convention: November 21-24, 2024     

Thursday Sessions

Thursday, November 17, 2022 NCTE Annual Convention Concurrent Session Titles (as of 10/6/22)


Audience interest level is listed after the title:

E = Elementary, M = Middle Level, S = Secondary, C = College, G = General, R = Research, TE = Teacher Education


9:30–10:45 a.m.

A Spiderweb of Agency: Fostering Conceptual Shifts and Teacher Agency in a Writing Project Graduate Degree (G R TE)

AAL Special Interest Group — Afro-Latinx & BIPOC Sueños: Implementing Bright Practices with Life Writing for Youth and Adults (C E G M S)

Bringing to Light the Affordances of Video Self-Analysis with Preservice Teachers and their University Supervisors (TE)

Catching the Light of Our Past and Finding Strength in Family Stories (E G M)

Centering Black Literacies and Experiences (G)

Curing the Fake-Reading Epidemic through Choice: Students Discover Their Light and Voice through Workshop (M S)

Dead Bodies and Danger: STEAMing towards the Light (E G M)

Deepening Cultural Understanding and Critical Literacy with Graphic Novels (M S TE)

Exploring definitions of justice and how our identities shape those ideas: Cultivating our sueños to be beacons of light in teacher preparation (C E G M R S TE)

Filling Your Coaching Toolkit: Strategies to Disrupt Harmful Systems and Promote Agency (E S)

Finding, Holding, and Sharing Joy through Creative Writing (G R TE)

From Mrs. Frisby to Fish in a Tree: An Analysis of Diversity in 5th Grade Read Alouds (E M)

From Dreams to Reality: How to Manifest the Light of the Profession in Collegial Practices to Support Curricular and Classroom Innovation (M S)

Global Citizenship as Viewed by Academics and Intellectuals around the World during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Roundtable of the NCTE Committee on Global Citizenship (C E G M R S TE)

Holding Our Own: How Teachers, Authors, and Librarians Can Fight Book Bans and Protect Diverse Curricula (E M S)

Illuminating Pedagogies: Centering Students and Well-Being (G R TE)

Imagination as an Act of Empathy: Shedding Light on Character Analysis with the Language of Emotional Intelligence (M S)

Lighting a Path: Building Young Writer’s Voices and Viewpoints through Cross Country Collaboration (M S)

Lighting the Way toward Digital Democratic Futures: Sharing Models of Multimodal Composition, Connection, and Care across the National Writing Project Network (M R S TE)

Out of Darkness into the Light: The Role of Creative Writing in Prison and Beyond (G)

Promoting a Classroom Culture of Empathy and Compassion through Diverse Picture Books (E G TE)

Promoting Equity and Social Justice through Dialogic Teaching (E)

Purposeful Reflection on Literacy and Instructional Practices (G TE)

Pursuing the Light in Book Selection and Critically Using Global Literature With Multilingual Learners in Elementary Classrooms (E R TE)

Pursuing the Light through Culturally Sustaining Writing Pedagogy–EQUITY in Action (E G M S TE)

Putting Assessment Practices under the Spotlight (G R TE)

Shining a Light on Digital Practices in Teacher Education (C E G M R S TE)

Shining a Light on Rural YA Literature: Presenting the Winners of the Whippoorwill Award for Rural Young Adult Literature (C G M S)

Shining the Light in Nontraditional Educational Spaces: Healing Pedagogies in English Education (G)

Sight Unseen: Supporting Visual Literacy to Students with Visual Impairments (C)

Spark the Human Connection: Fueling Energy-Giving Relationships in School and Beyond (E)

The Humor, the Heavy, and the Hope: Using Literature to Tackle Tough Topics (M S)

The North Star: Centering Antibias and Antiracism in Your Classroom and School Community (C E G M S TE)

We’ll Keep the Light On: The Power of Networks during Difficult Days (G)

With(in), alongside, and between: Creating Humanizing Writing Experiences for Youth in School-adjacent Spaces (C G S TE)

“You ever think of getting out of here?”: Exploring Rural Voices and Communities in Diverse English Classrooms (S)


11:00 a.m.–12:15 p.m.

Are Your Words Like My Words? Accessing Your Inner Light through Poetry (E G M TE)

Be Brave: MG Books That Inspire Young Readers to Work for Change in Their Own Lives and the World around Them (M)

Big-Hearted Read Aloud: Using Picture Books as a Vehicle for Literacy Learning, Social Comprehension, and SEL (E G R TE)

Birds Aren’t Real: Literature as Truth and Light in Dark Times (G M S)

Creating a Framework for Healing: Engaging Students’ Socioemotional Wellbeing (G R TE)

Empowering Students’ Voices through a Framed Story Structure (M S)

Finding the Light in All Students through Conferring (E M)

From Access to Equity: Lighting a Path to Support Diverse Students’ Success in Advanced High School English Classes (C S)

Harnessing the Light and Power in Mentor Texts: New Possibilities for Young Writers (A Conversation with Matt de la Peña, Corinna Luyken, and Sarah Cordova) (C E G M TE)

Honoring the Light with Equitable Grading Practices (G)

Humanizing Adolescents with Addictions through Authorship, Teaching, and Research (S TE)

Introducing The Alexandria Award—Celebrating Faith and Literature (E G M S)

Leveraging Teacher Collaboration to Facilitate Authentic Student Voices: Podcasting as a Vehicle for Change in the 21st Century Classroom (C G M S)

Lighting a Path: Children’s Literature and the Pursuit of Critical Practice (G R TE)

Lighting Different Ways: Unsettling and Indigenizing Pandemic Pedagogies in Writing and English Studies (C TE)

Literature as Light: Children’s Books Beckoning the Stories of Young Writers (E)

“Power in Identity”: Finding Light and Hope through Criminal and Social Justice in AP Language and Composition (S)

Pursuing the Light of Teen Empowerment (C E G M S TE)

Pursuing the Light through Laughter (M S)

Pursuing the Light!: Teaching Next Generation Genres (S)

Rekindling Student and Teacher Light (G TE)

Using Critical Literacy to Support Students’ Awareness, Action, and Advocacy Related to Social Justice Concerns (S)

Using Restorative Circles to Illuminate Student Voices and Bring People Closer Together (C E G M S)

You Too Can Wear the Mask: Illuminating Superhero Narratives as Justice-Oriented Pedagogies in the ELA Classroom and Beyond (C E G M R S TE)


1:00–2:15 p.m.

2022 Notable Children’s Books in the Language Arts Session (E M TE)

Beyond Belief: Enacting within and Innovating beyond Our Beliefs about Methods Courses and Field Experiences in English Education (M S TE)

Bringing Classroom Anti-Fatness Out of the Darkness and Into the Light (G TE)

Creative and Poetic Language to Engage Students and Teachers (G TE)

Critical Media Literacy Brings Social and Environmental Justice Into K–16 Classrooms (G)

Cuentos: A Path to the Creative Process for Discovering Our Sueños, the Light in Our Dreams (E G M S TE)

Different Languages as Bright Stars for Students: The Importance of Multilingualism in the Classroom (E G M S)

ECEOC—Culture Over Everything: Radical Teaching, Lived Experiences, and Authentic Literacies in the 21st Century (E M S)

Grappling with the Literature (C R S TE)

Humanizing People, Practices, and Policies: Pursuing the Light of Justice in an Urban School District (E M  R S TE)

Humanizing Writing Experiences (G R TE)

Illuminations: The Inquisitor’s Tale as a Model for Making Marginalia, Mineral-Based Pigments, and the Poetry of Light (M)

Let’s Talk about Race: Supporting Sustained Professional Development for Pre-K–8 Classroom Teachers in Texas (E M TE)

Lighting the Way to Information Literacy: Writing Faculty and Librarian Collaboration (C)

Lights, Camera, Action! (G TE)

Locating the Self in Space and Place: The Politics of Home in Middle Grade and Young Adult Literature (C M S)

Love, Light, and Literacy through Book Clubs and Expanding Libraries (G)

Making it Personal: Narrative Stories in the Classroom (G M S)

Mirrors, Windows, and Mentors: Humanizing the Writing Curriculum through Critical Mentor Text Sets (E M S)

Moving Beyond Lip Service to Create Antiracist, Humanizing English Classes (E G M S TE)

NCTE22 Black Roundtable (G)

Out of Darkness: Using Social Emotional Learning and Trauma Informed Orientations for Teacher Education (G R TE)

Powerful Community Partnerships: Sonando A Lado de Families and Communities (C E M S TE)

Representations of Black and Indigenous Voices in YA Literature and Comics/Graphic Novels (G R TE)

Rising from Darkness: Destigmatizing the Adolescent Mental Health Experience with Brave Voices in MG and YA Literature (C G M S TE)

Shining a Light on Digital Literacies in a Post-Truth World: : Next-Level Grammar for a Digital Age (C G M  S TE)

Teaching Audio Rhetoric: How to Perform Close Readings on Audio Texts (C M S)

Turning Dreams into Reality: Creating Innovative Spaces in Unexpected Places (G)

Using Children’s Literature to Support Cultural Consciousness and Connections (G TE)


2:30–3:45 p.m.

All Not Lost, in the “Lost Year” of Learning (E M S)

Antibias and Antiracist Theories and Methods for Responsive and Responsible Literacy Teacher Education (TE)

Antiracist Work at a Conservative Suburban Middle School (G M S)

Be(com)ing Antiracist Teacher Educators in Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs): A Collaborative, Hermeneutic Inquiry (G R TE)

Better and Brighter Together: Teacher Book Clubs as Catalysts for Curricular Change (C G M S TE)

Bilingual Identities and Text as a Gateway to Equity in Bilingual Literacy Education (E)

Bright Lights on a Burning Planet: Teaching Critical Media Literacy via Environmental Documentary Film (C G M R S TE)

Coming of Age in a Complex World: The Honest Stories We Need to Hear and Tell (M S TE)

Connecting with Students through Reading and Writing (E)

Cultivating Hope: Teacher Strategies to Support and Inspire Each Other (G TE)

Disrupting Oppressive Solidarities through Literature and Literacy Instruction (G M S TE)

Diverse Jewish Voices in the Classroom: A Festival of Literary Light (E G M S TE)

ECEOC—Changing School Cultures: Centering Language, Literacy, and BIPOC Student Voice (M S TE)

Growing Advocacy Online: Bringing Together Teachers, Researchers, Families, and Communities to Advocate for Authentic Writing Instruction (S TE)

Guiding Writers to Shore: Connecting the Social-Emotional Needs of Learners through a Vibrant Community of Secondary Schools Writing Centers (S)

Indigenous Perspectives on Thanksgiving and the American Story (TE)

Interrogating our Identities to Shine a Light on Our Practice (E G M S TE)

Lighting the Way: How Centering the Voices and Stories of Student Writers Can Fuel Joy, Strengthen Relationships, and Build Inclusive Communities (E G M TE)

Literature as Light: Inspiring Inquiry through Critical Conversations (E TE)

Love and Light through the Healing Power of Literature (G TE)

More Light to Read By: Building Community and Peer Relationships through Schoolwide Summer Reading (M S)

Shedding Light on the Transition to College Writing: An Interactive Panel by the Writing Program at the University of Southern California (C S)

Shining a Light on Digital Platforms: Implications for Teachers and Classrooms (G)

Shining a Light on Social Justice (G R TE)

Sparking Joy, Celebrating Identity, and Inspiring Action with Multimodal Text Sets (E G M TE)

Sueños de Libertad: Mexican American/Xicanx Literature for High School Students (M S)

When Writing Feels Right: Illuminating Pathways to Validate and Honor Students’ Oral Languages across Composition for Young Writers (E G TE)



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