Annual Convention: November 21-24, 2024     

Future & Past Annual Conventions

Look where we are going!

2024   November 21-24, Boston, MA: Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

2025   November 20-23, Denver, CO: Colorado Convention Center


And look where we have been!

The NCTE Annual Convention has been in locations all over the country (even Hawaii) in its history!

2023 Columbus

2022  Anaheim
¡Sueños! Pursuing the Light!

2021  virtual (original site: Louisville)
Equity, Justice, and Antiracist Teaching

2020  virtual (original site: Denver)
¡Confluencia! Songs of Ourselves

2019   Baltimore
Spirited Inquiry

2018   Houston
Raising Student Voice: Speaking Out for Equity and Justice

2017   St. Louis
Teaching Our Students Today, Tomorrow, Forever: Recapturing Our Voices, Our Agency, Our Mission

2016   Atlanta
Faces of Advocacy

2015   Minneapolis
Responsibility, Creativity, and the Arts of Language

2014   Washington, DC
Story as the Landscape of Knowing

2013   Boston
Reinventing the Future of English

2012   Las Vegas

2011   Chicago
Reading the Past, Writing the Future (100th anniversary)

2010   Orlando
Teachers and Students Together: Living Literate Lives

2009   Philadelphia
Once and Future Classics: Reading between the Lines

2008   San Antonio
Because Shift Happens: Teaching in the Twenty-First Century

2007   New York
Mapping Diverse Literacies for the Twenty-First Century: Opportunities, Challenges, Promising Directions

2006   Nashville
The Compleat* Teacher

2005   Pittsburgh
On Common Ground

2004   Indianapolis

2003   San Francisco
Partners in Learning

2002   Atlanta
Celebrating the Languages and Literacies of Our Lives

2001   Baltimore
Re-Creating the Classroom

2000   Milwaukee
Teaching Matters

1999   Denver
Reimagining the Possibilities

1998   Nashville
Learning with Our Students: Growing as Teachers

1997   Detroit
Language as Moral Action

1996   Chicago
Honoring All Our Stories

1995   San Diego
Teaching for Lifelong Learning

1994   Orlando
Defining Ourselves and Our Work in a Changing World

1993   Pittsburgh
Democracy through Language

1992   Louisville
How Infinite in Faculties: Celebrating Ourselves as Teachers

1991   Seattle
Free to Teach/Free to Learn

1990   Atlanta
Educating the Imagination

1989   Baltimore
Celebrating Diversity

1988   St. Louis
Taking Language to Heart

1987   Los Angeles
Making Connections

1986   San Antonio
What We Will Be

1985   Philadelphia
Listening to the Past, Speaking to the Present

1984   Detroit
Teaching English 1984: Renaissance Art and Science

1983   Denver
Quality for All

1982   Washington, DC
Let the Best of the Past Inform the Future

1981   Boston
Sustaining the Essentials

1980   Cincinnati
Unity in Diversity

1979   San Francisco
1978   Kansas City
1977   New York
1976   Chicago
1975   San Diego
1974   New Orleans
1973   Philadelphia
1972   Minneapolis
1971   Las Vegas
1970   Atlanta
1969   Washington
1968   Milwaukee
1967   Honolulu
1966   Houston
1965   Boston
1964   Cleveland
1963   San Francisco
1962   Miami Beach
1961   Philadelphia
1960   Chicago
1959   Denver
1958   Pittsburgh
1957   Minneapolis
1956   St. Louis
1955   New York
1954   Detroit
1953   Los Angeles
1952   Boston
1951   Cincinnati
1950   Milwaukee
1949   Buffalo
1948   Chicago
1947   San Francisco
1946   Atlantic City
1945   Minneapolis
1944   Columbus
1943   New York (business meeting only)
1942   canceled (during the war—directors meeting only in Chicago)
1941   Atlanta
1940   Chicago
1939   New York
1938   St. Louis
1937   Buffalo
1936   Boston
1935   Indianapolis
1934   Washington
1933   Detroit
1932   Memphis
1931   Milwaukee
1930   Cleveland
1929   Kansas City
1928   Baltimore
1927   Chicago
1926   Philadelphia
1925   Chicago
1924   St. Louis
1923   Detroit
1922   Chattanooga
1921   Chicago
1920   Chicago
1919   Boston
1918   Chicago (meeting postponed until February)
1917   Chicago
1916   New York
1915   Chicago
1914   Chicago
1913   Chicago
1912   Chicago
1911   Chicago




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