Annual Convention: November 21-24, 2024     

Presenter Tips

Congratulations on being accepted to the NCTE Annual Convention program!

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A few reminders:

Times listed for sessions are in Eastern Time.

Onsite AV Details:

NCTE will provide a projector with a standard HDMI hook up, projection screen, microphone, and sound patch. Please note you will be required to bring your own laptop to play your presentation. Your laptop display output will need to be compatible with a standard HDMI cord or you will need to bring the appropriate dongle.

The WiFi bandwidth in the Convention Center will not be sufficient to present streaming video. Please have a backup plan ready.

Presenting a Poster?

Please see our Tips for Poster Sessions.

Acting as a Moderator?

Visit this page for a Moderator Guide for Session Chairs.

Combined Sessions

If your Individual proposal (with 1 or 2 presenters) was accepted and combined with others to create a full session, these tips are for you:

Session Details: When you sign into the Speaker Service Center, click on “Session Details” in the upper left “Speakers” menu.

Scroll down to see the table with your session(s).
Your combined session will have this session type: Combined Panel Presentations
Click on the Session Title link to open the Session Details.

Session Length: Each combined session is 75 minutes long. You’ll want to leave about 15 minutes for Q & A and share the 60 minutes between the presentations.

If your session has 2 presentations, each will be 30 minutes long.
If your session has 3 presentations, each will be 20 minutes long.
If your session has 4 presentations, each will be 15 minutes long.
Talk with those on your own presentation so your group knows how much time it has.
Feel free to contact other presenters, as well, if you want to talk about the session (click on “View” in the list of speakers to see contact information).

Session Chairs: Thank you for volunteering to chair a session. You can work with the presenters to introduce them and the presentations, to facilitate the Q & A, and to keep the session running smoothly. Please see our tips for moderators.

If we receive notice of presentation cancellations, your presentation time could increase; please sign into the Speaker Service Center periodically to see if anything has changed in the number of presentations mentioned in the Description. If you find you’re not able to attend the Convention in Columbus, please let us know as soon as possible (email: so we can adjust the program accordingly.

Questions? Contact us at

Speaker Agreement

As a presenter, you are required to sign the NCTE Speaker Agreement. Please log in to the Speaker Service Center to sign the agreement, confirm your acceptance, and to see your session schedule. Login information was sent via email on August 7 and August 18, 2023. Please email if you did not receive this email.

Presenter Registration

The expectation is that all presenters are to register and attend the Convention in person. This request is out of respect for the attendees who will travel to Columbus expecting to see live presenters and to ensure a positive experience for the attendees.




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