Annual Convention: November 17-20, 2022      2022 Dates & Deadlines


The Program below includes updates made since the program book was printed. See the convention app for the most current session information.

Session cancellations include:
A.06 Leading through Hard Times: A Pedagogy of Connection
B.12 Introducing The Alexandria Award — Celebrating Faith and Literature
D.19 Lighting the Way: How Centering the Voices and Stories of Student Writers Can Fuel Joy, Strengthen Relationships, and Build Inclusive Communities
E.41 The Greatest Climate Change Threat to California and Developing the Schema Required to Be a Critical Participant in Real-World Solutions
H.32 Taking the “ugh” Out of Summer Reading
I.11 Early Career ELA Teachers Subverting “Back to Basics” Instruction to Include Innovative, Equitable, Antiracist ELA Instruction During the Global Pandemic
I.16 Goals Vs. Vision: Choosing a Framework to Make the Dream of All Students Writing a Reality
I.34 Student Voice is the Light: Interrogating Limited Notions of Citizenship and Expanding What It Means to Partake in Our Communities
J.31 The Path to Writing Proficiency: Shedding Light on the Academic Writing Development of English Learners
K.20 Keeping the Pilot Light On: Using an Empathy-Centric Lens to Design Literacy Invitations in an Academic Literacy Workshop
K.34 Sharing My Dreams and Shaping Our Sueños: A Community LiteratureBased Pen Pal Project
N.25 Recipe for Dreams: Teacher Candidates Feeling their Way Into Student Teaching
W.18 Shining a Light on the Crosswalk: Joining the NCTE Literacy for a Digital Age Definition & the Standards for the Initial Preparation of Teachers of ELA
BYS “Building a Diverse Nonfiction Text Set (with Roberta Price Gardner), 5:30 p.m., Friday

New sessions/session titles include:
A.11 The Refractive Power of Creative Writing: Bringing Student Ownership of Writing Identity Into the Light (Room 205-A)
A.39 Open Windows‚ Open Minds: Developing Antiracist Students (Room 213-B)
D.28 Creating Better Open Educational Resources: Best Practices in Fair Use (Room 207-A)
E.37 The Science of Reading: What It Is; What It Isn’t; and How this Might Eventually Affect Comprehension Instruction, Too (Room 204-B)
F.48 Student-Driven Inquiry for Liberation, Joy and Community (Room 210-A)
M.41 SchoolWideRead Presents Being the Light: Words that Light the Way for Everyday Power (Room 251-C)

Room change:
G.21 Illuminating Resistance: Black Feminist Futures for Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Activism now in 262-A
K.10 #DisruptTexts Now More Than Ever now in 255-ABC


ALAN Workshop (begins at 8:00 am, Monday, November 21, California Ballroom C/D, 2nd level)

CEL Annual Convention (begins at 1:45 pm, Sunday, November 20, Anaheim Hilton, California Ballroom A, 2nd level)


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