Annual Convention: November 21-24, 2024     

2023 Build Your Stack® Sessions

All 2023 Build Your Stack® Sessions are located in Expo Hall B (GCCC, main level.) 


Build Your StackFriday, November 17  

10:00–10:20 a.m. ET

BYS.01  Forging Community across Cultures: Award-Winning Authors Share Books That Create Connections
Presenters: Anika Aldamuy Denise, HarperCollins 
Rajani LaRocca, HarperCollins/Abrams/Penguin Random House/Candlewick 
Andrea Wang, Kokila Books/Neal Porter Books  


10:30–10:50 a.m. ET 

BYS.31  Centers of Progress: 40 Cities that Changed the World
Presenter: Chelsea Follett, Cato Institute 


11:00–11:20 a.m. ET  

BYS.03  Muslim Stories
Presenter: Saadia Faruqi, Clarion Books/Harper Collins  


11:30–11:50 a.m. ET  

BYS.04  Pairing Texts with Primary Sources in PK–2
Presenters: Anna Falkner 
Noreen Rodriguez, Michigan State University  


12:00–12:20 p.m. ET  

BYS.05  Social/Teen Issues through YA Lit 
Emily Gilles, Hayes High School  


12:30–12:50 p.m. ET 

BYS.06  Bibliotherapy Works—Picture Books to Foster Mental Wellness Conversations
Presenters: Bitsy Parks, Beaverton School District 
Mandy Robek, Olentangy Local School District  


1:00–1:20 p.m. ET 

BYS.07  Top Non-Awarded Orbis Pictus® Books
Presenters: Caryl Crowell, Tucson Unified School District (retired)/consultant 
Julia Lopez-Robertson, University of South Carolina 
Becki Maldonado, Parkside High School, Salisbury, MD 
Janelle Mathis, University of North Texas 
Melissa Wells, University of Mary Washington  


1:30–1:50 p.m. ET 

BYS.08  Palestine and Gaza: Making the Invisible Visible
Presenter: Sawsan Jaber, Education Unfiltered Consulting, East Leyden High School  


2:00–2:20 p.m. ET  

BYS.09  Inspiring Your Writing Life—Stacks by Writers!
Presenters: Lisa Vahey 
Quartez Harris


2:30–2:50 p.m. ET 

BYS.10  Highlighting Palestinian Joy through Prose and Poetry
Presenters: Kefah Ayesh, Al Ghazaly High School 
Mona Mustafa, Paterson Charter School for Science and Technology  


3:00–3:20 p.m. ET 

BYS.11  Picture Books That Celebrate and Center Joy
Presenters: Keisha Smith-Carrington 
Clare Landrigan, Landrigan Literacy LLC/Stenhouse    


3:30–3:50 p.m. ET 

BYS.12  MG/YA Books with Settings That Function as a Character
Presenter: Elizabeth Kennard, Charlotte Country Day School  


4:00–4:20 p.m. ET 

BYS.13  Oldies, But Goodies: Evergreen YA Titles for Today’s Middle Schoolers
Presenters: Jodi-Beth Hazel, Agape Education, San Antonio, TX 
Donalyn Miller, The Book Whisperer, Inc.  


4:30–4:50 p.m. ET

BYS.14  Essential Connections: Fiction That Nurtures a Sense of Belonging
Laura Shovan
Tricia Springstubb, Margaret Ferguson Books/Holiday House 
Jennifer Ziegler, Holiday House/Margaret Ferguson Books    


5:00–5:20 p.m. ET 

BYS.15  Poetry as Architecture
Presenter: Darius Phelps, Teachers College, Columbia University  


5:30–5:50 p.m. ET 

BYS.16  Powerful Fiction for Diverse Children: Revisiting the Huck Award® Books
Presenters: Grace Choi, Fairfax County Public Schools 
Suzanne Costner, Fairview Elementary School, Blount County Schools, TN 
Cecilia Espinosa, CUNY Lehman College 
Maria Leija, The University of Texas at San Antonio  
JoAnne Powless 
Tiffany Rehbein, Bain Elementary School/Laramie County SD1  
Hiawatha Smith, University of Wisconsin-River Falls 


Saturday, November 18

11:00–11:20 a.m. ET  

BYS.17 Reading Is Life: Diversity, Equity, and Cultures 
Shanna Brown 
Mary Jade Haney 
Deedra Lee, Richland School District One/Southeast Middle School 
Stephanie Lloyd  


11:30–11:50 a.m. ET 

BYS.18  Our Favorite New Books for Our Youngest Readers
Presenters: J.P. Mitchell
Colin McGinnis Page  
Franki Sibberson, SproutFive 
Caroline Steward, SproutFive  


12:00–12:20 p.m. ET  

BYS.19  Difficult and Challenging Topics in Picture Books
Presenter: Seemi Aziz Raina, University of Arizona  


12:30–12:50 p.m. ET 

BYS.20  Texts for Teaching toward Climate Justice
Presenters: Kristine Schutz 
Ashley Stanley 
Rebecca Woodard, University of Illinois at Chicago    


1:00–1:20 p.m. ET  

BYS.21  Stories Untold: Carter G. Woodson Book Award Winners
Presenter: Laura Haney, Meadowfield Elementary School  


1:30–1:50 p.m. ET 

BYS.32  Spotlight on International and Independent Publishers
Presenters: John Mendelson, Nosy Crow USA
Ellen Myrick, Publisher Spotlight a service of Myrick Marketing
Angus Yuen-Killick, Red Comet Press   


2:00–2:20 p.m. ET  

BYS.22  Caregiver Collaborations: Connecting and Communicating with Families via Story
Presenters: Tiffany Jewell, Versify 
Nawal Qarooni, NQC Literacy    


2:30–2:50 p.m. ET 

BYS.23  Mental Health Picture Books
Presenter: Aliza Werner, Bookelicious/Milwaukee Film  


3:00–3:20 p.m. ET 

BYS.24  Powerful Read Alouds Pre–K through 5th Grade
Presenters: Lynsey Burkins, Dublin City Schools, OH 
Franki Sibberson, SproutFive  


3:30–3:50 p.m. ET  

BYS.25  A Fresh Spin on Engaging Nonfiction
Presenters: Greg Micek, Maercker School District 60/Holmes Primary School 
Katie Russell, Murphysboro CUSD #186    


4:00–4:20 p.m. ET  

BYS.26  Growing Human Connections: Third Culture Kids in Picture Books and Middle Grade
Presenter: Lorien Hunter, Bookelicious  


4:30–4:50 P.M. ET  

BYS.27  Books that Inspire Teens to Speak Up and Speak Out
Presenter: Kasey Short, Charlotte Country Day School  


5:00–5:20 p.m. ET  

BYS.28  Middle School Poetry and Verse Novels
Presenters: Laura Shovan 
Jennifer Vincent, Bannockburn School  


5:30–5:50 p.m. ET  

BYS.29  Connecting to Current Events: Ukrainian History and Culture
Kathleen Crawford-McKinney, Wayne State University
Kathy G. Short, University of Arizona  


Sunday, November 19

9:00–9:20 a.m. ET  

BYS.30  Build Your Poetry Stack with the NCTE Outstanding Poetry Award
Wileena Booker 
Rebecca Kai Dotlich, Astra Books for Young Readers 
Joseph Pizzo, Black River Middle School 
Mary-Kate Sableski, University of Dayton     


10:00–10:20 a.m. ET  

BYS.33  Remembering Our Friend Floyd Cooper, Illustrator and Author
Presenters: Shaon Langley, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
Kelly Starling Lyons, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

10:30–10:50 a.m. ET  

BYS.02  Funhouse Mirrors and Fairy Doors
Presenter: Carrie Santo-Thomas, Warren Township High School Almond Campus, Gurnee, IL 



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