Annual Convention: November 21-24, 2024     

Sunday Sessions

Sunday, November 20, 2022 NCTE Annual Convention Concurrent Session Titles (as of 10/6/22)


Audience interest level is listed after the title:

E = Elementary, M = Middle Level, S = Secondary, C = College, G = General, R = Research, TE = Teacher Education


9:00–10:15 a.m.

“Unseen: Our Past in a New Light”: Theoretical Perspectives on Literary Occlusion (C S)

A Beacon of Light: How Lee & Low Books Illuminates Multicultural Children’s Literature Publishing (C R TE)

A Guiding Light: Using Critical Pedagogy to Teach YA Literature in the Secondary Classroom (C M  S)

Amplifying Our Light: Border and Immigrant Voices and Visions In Children’s Literature (E M  S)

Beyond Gendered Discourses (G R TE)

Bridging Points of Light: International Perspectives in Teaching and Learning (C G R)

Bringing the Climate Crisis to Light in English Language Arts (G)

Building Critical Hope: Envisioning Better Futures with Recent Young Adult Literature (C M S)

Collective Dreaming: Lighting Each Others’ Lamps as a Means of Liberation (C M S TE)

Coming at Writing from Multiple Angles (M S)

Community Literacy: A Call to Action (E M S TE)

Community Research to Spark Change (G TE)

Cultivating Joy across Buildings, Communities, and Districts (M S TE)

English Teachers’ Responses to LGBTQIA+ Life History Vignettes (M R S TE)

Enhancing Our Teaching and Research in ELA Classrooms by Enacting Our Sueños and Illuminating Our Plurality (G R TE)

Full, Full, Full: Schools as Sueños for Culturally Sustaining Processes and Practices during the Pandemic and Beyond (E R TE)

Guided by the Light: Visual Literacy, Picture Books, and Conversations on Joy (E R TE)

Illuminating the College English Curriculum and Professional Pathways for English Majors (C)

Into the Light: Illuminating Self- and Fieldwork to Improve Literacy Teacher Education (G TE)

Introducing Student-Directed Learning and Examining Point of View in the Composition Classroom (C)

It’s the Little Things: Culturally Responsive Text, Empathy-Based Text, and Postcards Writing to Travel and Find Meaning (G)

Libros y Estrellas: Prioritizing Literacy, Humanizing Instruction, and Imagining Connected Content in Early Childhood Classrooms (E TE)

Lighting the Path toward Improvement in Student Writing: Assessment as a Beacon for Growth and Confidence with Multilingual Writers (M S)

Lighting the Way for True Stories: A District-Wide First Nations Education Journey (S)

Lighting Up Middle Grades Writing Praxis (G TE)

Mi Voz, Mi Pregunta: Lessons from the Inquiry-Based, Multilingual Classroom (E M  S)

New Light on the History and Evolution of the Field of English Education (C R TE)

Radiating Luz in the Middle Grades: Ethnic Studies Literacies in Practice (G R TE)

Recognizing Teacher Experts and Their Paths to Expertise (G)

Seeing Ourselves: Asian Americans Graphic Novels and Comics (E  M  S)

Struggling with/for Justice Together: Storying and Reclaiming Interdependence in Early Literacy (E R TE)

The Light of Poetry: Guiding Our Paths through the Pandemic and Beyond (G)

Uncovering “The Hidden Curriculum” of Graduate School through ELATE-GS (C G TE)

Using Our Voices for Change: Support from the Standing Committee on Diversity and Inclusivity (G TE)


9:00-11:45 a.m.

Jewish Caucus Open Forum (G)


10:30–11:45 a.m.

Building Teacher Community through Technological Innovations in a Post Pandemic World (G TE)

Celebrating Juneteenth in Multiple Communities: Creating Spaces for Light and Liberation (G)

Critically Reading Texts and Creating Personal Canons (G R TE)

Cultivating Compositional Agility: Shining a Light on Learning that Transfers (C M S)

Culturally Relevant, Multisensory Writing (M S)

Finding Light through Appreciating, Creating, and Sharing Poetry and Music in Our Writing and Teaching Lives (E M S)

Fingerprints of Practice: Radical Empathy and Critical Love in the Narratives of Teachers of Refugee and Displaced Students (G R TE)

Homegrown Dreams: Shining a Light on Under-Explored Settings in Children’s Literature (E M TE)

Hope, Empathy, and Humanizing Pedagogies: Making Light for Students in First-Year Writing (G TE)

Humanizing the Gradebook: Assessment Practices that Liberate (C M S)

Illuminating Diverse Young Adult Alternatives to Classic Books (S)

Illuminating the Power of Long Form Nonfiction to Build Reading Stamina (M S)

Integrating Translingual Play, Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening to Support Joyful Language and Literacy Development for Young Emergent Bilinguals (E R)

Letting Language Shine: Linguistic Diversity and Teacher Education (E TE)

Lighting el Nuevo Sendero: Illuminating Critical Consciousness at the Intersections of Music, Children’s Literature, and Social Justice (G TE)

Literacy of Empowerment: African Diaspora Literacy, Thematically Linked Excerpts, and Drama-Based Pedagogy as Tools to Discuss Race and Gender for Elementary Students (G R TE)

Poetry: Lights Our Imagination and Humanity (E M TE)

Professional Growth for Preservice Teachers, Teachers, and Literacy Coaches (G S TE)

Pursuing the Light Matters: Cultivating Community, Centering Creativity, and Activating Light as a Justice as Praxis Imperative (G R TE)

Pursuing the Light: Re-Visioning Research with Educators, Youth, and Communities in “Unprecedented” Times (G R TE)

Race Matters Whether or Not We Talk About It: A Critical Content Analysis of LGBTQ+ Characters of Color in Three Contemporary Young Adult Graphic Novels (M S TE)

Rekindling Literacy Lives and Critical Hope with Illuminating Children’s and YA  Books (E M S)

SCOA Affiliate Extravaganza (G)

Searching for the Openings: Exercising Teacher Agency for Social Justice in ELA Classrooms (E M TE)

Seeking Light while Teaching Diverse Young Adult Literature in Dark Times: Critical Reflections and Lessons Learned in a Collaborative Action Research Endeavor (C M R S TE)

Shining a Light in Colorblind Contexts: Teaching Ethnic Studies in White/Affluent School Settings (M S TE)

Shining a Light on Socio-Emotional needs: Classroom Practices of Empathy and Support (G TE)

Shining the Light on Novels in Verse (E M S)

The Children Come Full: Honoring and Extending Children’s and Communities’ Ways of Knowing, Ways of Being, and Ways of Reading (E R)

The Future Is Now: Exploring 21st-Century Teaching Ideas with the Next Generation of English Teachers (E M S TE)

Tools for Tumultuous Times: Designing to Support ELA Teacher Noticing for Equity in Remote ELA Classrooms (R)

Underrepresented Authors on Diversity in STEM/STEAM Fiction and Nonfiction (E M)

Unpacking Children’s Rights through Children’s Literature in Different Global Literacy Communities (E M)

YA Authors Shine Light on Critical Content as They Speak Out and Speak Back (M S TE)

“We Remember, Not for the Sake of Yesterday but for Tomorrow” Finding the Light with the Secondary  Cemetery Interdisciplinary Project (M S TE)



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